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Actual patient, before and immediately after microblading treatment, individual results vary

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What is Microblading For Eyebrow Enhancement?

Microblading is a newer, semi-permanent solution to thin and unshapely eye brows. The microblading procedure is a type of eyebrow tattooing which involves placement of the semi-permanent pigment with a specialized sterile handheld tool in the shape of individual eyebrow hairs instead of a solid pigment line drawn with a tattoo machine. Because the pigment is matched to your eyebrow hairs and placed in short hair like strokes, microblading for eyebrow enhancement leads to very natural looking eyebrows.

How is Microblading for Eyebrow Enhancement Done?

For your microblading treatment, we suggest that you arrive promptly for your appointment. Your aesthetician will apply topical numbing creme to the eyebrows and she will meticulously map your eyebrows for the most flattering, natural shape suited to your face. Your first microblading treatment can take about 2 hours due to the time it takes to map the eyebrows before inserting pigment in the area. She will then ‘draw” individual eyebrow hairs with a specialized, sterile, hand held microblading tool using the semi-permanent pigment matched to your eyebrow hairs. Your eyebrows will appear darker right after the microblading and will fade by up to 40%-50% within 5-7 days for a softer, more natural look.

How to Prepare for Your Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement?

We advise that you stop taking aspirin, ibuprofen or any other NSAIDS 5 days before your microblading. We also advise you to avoid alcohol, vitamin E, fish oil and omega 3 supplements for 3 days before your treatment to reduce the incidence of bruising. If you use any topical retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acid formulations, we advise that you stop all such skin products for one week before your microblading to reduce skin irritation.

Does Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement Hurt?

We numb the area before your microblading treatment with a strong topical numbing agent. Individual pain tolerance varies. Some of our patients feel more discomfort than others. Generally microblading the eyebrows feels like tiny scratches.

How Long Does Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement Take?

Your first session involves mapping of the eyebrows and can take about 2 hours. We schedule a followup appointment to “touch Up” the eyebrows at 4-6 weeks after your initial microblading treatment to fill in the areas that have faded. The touch-up treatment at 4-6 weeks takes about 30 minutes and is included in the initial treatment cost IF done NO later than 6 weeks.

What Do I Need to do After My Microblading Treatment?
It is imperative to follow the aftercare instructions given to you by your aesthetician for best results from your microblading treatment. Aftercare is aimed at protecting your freshly microbladed brows from any moisture. It involves no washing the area with water, no soaking in water, no excessive sweating for a few days. The details and specifics of post care will be given to you at the time of your treatment. We also provide a post-treatment healing ointment to reduce irritation, itching, redness etc following your microblading treatment.

How Long Will The Results of my Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement Last?

The length of time your microblading results last depend on your skin type, the color of your eyebrows and your lifestyle. Most individuals need a full microblading treatment every 12-24 months. Many individuals choose to have touch up sessions every 6-8 months to fill in the faded pigment instead of waiting for all the microbladed pigment “hairs” to fade away completely.

How Much Does Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement Cost?

Consider microblading an investment in your eyebrows.
The cost of initial treatment is $495 and includes a touch-up within 6 weeks
The cost of additional touch treatments without eyebrow mapping to fill in is $295.

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Who Performs the Microblading Eyebrow Enhancement?

At this time we offer microblading eyebrow enhancement in our Southlake office only. In our Southlake office, all microblading eyebrow enhancements are done by our Microblading trained and certified licensed aesthetician.

*Individual results may vary

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