xRMD Nutritional Genius- Lifestyle Based on YOUR DNA and Food Sensitivity Testing


Take the guesswork out of what to eat. Analyze up to 200 foods with two simple tests you can do from home to find out what to eat in abundance, moderation or to avoid for your biochemical makeup. Based on genetics and food sensitivities.

We offer two simple tests that take the guesswork out of what foods are right for you.

The two Nutritional Genius tests analyze up to 200 foods to uncover what you need to eat in abundance, moderation, and what to avoid.

(Finger Prick)

It is very common for people to be sensitive to foods they eat frequently without knowing it. Often a person will find that the foods they crave the most are the very ones causing their symptoms. Test fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, dairy, even coffee and chocolate.

(Cheek Swab)

From the $4B human genome project, this test analyzes the area of your genetics that has to do with crucial bodily functions, such as controlling DNA, inflammation, immune function, detoxification and mood balancing.

Based on the results of your tests, we can determine the best diet plan most suitable for YOUR body to optimize your wellness and healthy weight goals.

For our Naila MDFIT weight loss patients, we integrate your NUTRITIONAL GENIUS™ test results with our NailaMD FIT metabolic weight loss program to give you the best chance at success for lasting healthy weight.
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