What is Metabolic Weight Loss?

Metabolic Weight Loss in Dallas, Highland Park, Plano, Southlake, Keller and Fort Worth Texas

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What is Naila Malik MD FIT Metabolic Weight Loss?

If you have struggled with excess weight and have experienced frustration losing weight with other weight loss programs or keeping it off… we can help!

Medical weight loss can be more effective than non medical programs in many ways…..Naila MD FIT takes medical weight loss to a new level with a comprehensive lifestyle guide, complete with prescription and non prescription medications and supplements, aimed to improve your metabolism so you can finally get to your healthy weight and maintain it for good!

Safety First!

  • Naila Malik MD FIT metabolic weight loss in Dallas and Southlake is supervised by Dr. Malik, an experienced Physician who evaluates you before starting or recommending any lifestyle change with a thorough medical history to identify any health problems that may be a safety risk for you to start a drastic lifestyle change
  • As an anti-aging and metabolic weight loss Physician, Dr. Malik will take into account any medications you might be taking which could be potential problem with drastic lifestyle alteration programs. For example diuretic medications can lead to electrolyte imbalance and a drastic caloric reduction can exacerbate electrolyte imbalance which can be fatal in extreme cases
  • All prescription medications for appetite suppression carry certain health risks, which vary with individual genetic predisposition, medical history and presence or absence of other prescription or non prescription medications. Dr. Malik closely monitors the health risks of any prescription medications used during the duration of Naila Malik MD FIT medical weight loss and adjusts the dosage according to your response
  • If you have certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure and type II diabetes, a drastic lifestyle alteration can lead to rapid drop in blood pressure and blood sugar which can be very detrimental and requires close monitoring and medication adjustment by the Physician

And it WORKS!

  • We believe that long term weight loss can only be achieved with persistent and permanent lifestyle alteration, enrolling in a medical weight loss program administered under supervision of an experienced physician grants you access to prescription medications which is sometimes essential, at least to get a jump start to help you get on track with the new lifestyle.
  • We know now that weight loss is far more than the simple equation of calories in/calories out. There are numerous factors; metabolic hormones, neurotransmitters, nutritional factors, health of your gut bacteria, to name a few, which play a vital role in weight loss and maintenance of healthy weight. Dr. Malik is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine A4M and regularly participates in educational seminars on developments in the field of metabolic medicine. As a result we constantly provide updated knowledge to our weight loss patients on nutrition and activity for best possible results.
  • Our metabolic weight loss program in Dallas and Southlake offices does a lot more than make you drop pounds, it is aimed to improve your overall health and metabolism with dietary and other lifestyle changes.
  • In summary, medically supervised weight loss is a safer and in most cases, more effective option for losing weight and keeping it off for individuals who have a difficult time achieving and maintaining healthy weight and for those with any associated medical disorder.

Since the introduction of Naila Malik MD Fit in April 2009, we have helped countless patients lose weight in Southlake and Dallas and keep it off. Our weight loss patients also experience improvement in blood pressure, triglycerides, bad cholesterol, good cholesterol, Hemoglobin A1C after following the program as instructed.

To find out more about Naila Malik MD FIT medically supervised metabolic weight loss in Dallas and Southlake or for a consultation please call 888-210-9693