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Healthy weight Loss and Wellness in Dallas and Southlake

“The goal of a physician should be to find health because anyone can find disease”
-Andrew Taylor Still, MD, DO -(1828-1917)

BHRT, Pellet Therapy, Dallas Weight Loss, Southlake Weight Loss Clinic, DNA Based Nutrition and Customized Supplements To Optimize Your Body

Let us Help You Feel As Good As You Look!

Our wellness services are based on cutting edge medical research in the field of antiaging and regenerative medicine. The wellness services are customized for YOU to optimize your overall health and feeling of well-being for healthy aging. Wellness is defined as an approach to healthcare that emphasizes preventing illness and prolonging life, as opposed to emphasizing treating diseases.*
We believe that lifestyle optimization is the key to healthy aging; we know that ethically administered BHRT, combined with optimal nutrition and supplements customized to your body can help in many ways:

  • May improve the outcome from your aesthetic treatments*
  • May help you achieve and maintain your ideal body weight*
  • May provide overall healthy aging of mind and body*
  • May improve overall vitality*
  • May aid in clear thinking*

*Individual results may vary

Our Wellness services are customized to YOUR needs and include


Dallas BHRT and Pellet Therapy- Models are not patients

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Pellet Therapy- A Safe Approach

Aging is a natural phenomenon and hormone decline is part of aging. At Naila Malik MD Aesthetic and Wellness center, the goal is to achieve an age-appropriate natural balance of hormonal status and not to reproduce the hormonal levels of a 20-year-old.

Hormone replacement therapy with bio-identical hormones requires extensive training and experience. Since 2004, Dr Malik has completed over 200 hrs of training with the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine focused on BHRT and metabolic medicine.

All initial BHRT consultations and hormone pellet therapy are provided by our well-trained and experienced medical staff with and directly under Dr. Malik’s supervision.



My MD Weight Loss- Models are not patients

 My MD Weight Loss Plans:

  • Our MD supervised weight loss plans start with a thorough medical evaluation and body composition measurements.
  • Several plans are available to suit your weight loss needs
  • Safe and  Effective programs to meet your healthy weight goals
  • Weight loss varies from person to person*
  • We aim for a metabolic reset for fat loss while preserving muscle*
  • Our patients report feeling great & energetic*

Call 888-210-9693 for your weight loss consultation and get done with your “weight problem” for good!*

*Individual results may vary

good-eye-health-requires-good-nutritionxR MD- GEMS DNA And Food Sensitivity Testing:

Take the guess work out of personalized nutrition and supplements for your body’s optimized performance.

Have you ever wondered why two people with similar weight goals and same age, following the same “healthy” lifestyle” lose weight remarkably differently?

We have seen this phenomenon over and over again in our weight loss practice. We understand that it is quite frustrating to do your best and not get the results that your weight loss buddy can get with doing less than her/his best. We all have genetically pre-determined metabolic pathways that process different foods uniquely. A SNP in your DNA can lead to inflammation from intake of a food group that is generally considered “healthy” . The question is what should YOU eat out of the dozens of healthy food choices to suit YOUR individualized metabolism? The answer lies in your genetics and we can now test your DNA to precisely figure out what foods are best for you and what to avoid to optimize your health through lifestyle alteration.

In January 2015, we added the xR program to our practice and recommend all of our weight loss patients to consider xR testing for a better understanding of their body in order to get to their healthy weight by following a lifestyle customized for their DNA
xR™ is the method of naturally restoring what your body is missing, and our “xR” comes from the mirror image of the traditional symbol for prescription “Rx”.

xR is at the forefront of preventive medicine and our forward thinking network believes that when xR and Rx work together – the patient’s health wins! xR’s method is to integrate genetic testing, bio-identical hormones, nutrition and lifestyle management to create your natural prescription under the care of a qualified healthcare provider – and as you will experience, this is nothing like you’ve seen before.

Call 888-210-9693 or email us at to request your wellness, BHRT or weight management appointment.

*Individual results may vary