PRP Skin Rejuvenation: 3-D Approach For Best Results

PRP  Skin Rejuvenation: A 3-D Approach For Your Best Results

Skin aging is a three dimensional phenomenon; surface skin aging (fine lines, poor texture, pigment irregularities etc.), deeper skin aging (loss of skin elasticity, skin sagging, deep wrinkles, thinning skin etc.) and loss of volume within and below the skin (flattening of facial contours, deep hollows etc.). To best address your aging skin and to get the most natural results, your regenerative PRP skin therapy needs to be combined with a single treatment or multiple treatments most suitable for your aging in each of the three dimensions. We all do not age equally in each dimension which is why a “cook book” approach to skin aging does not work well. The extent of aging in each dimension varies with several factors such as genetics, lifestyle, hormonal changes etc. Your regenerative PRP therapy for skin aging treatment in Dallas and Southlake starts with a consultation with Dr. Malik. She will review your medical history, your skin condition, the extent of aging in each dimension, your response to previous skin treatments and your personal skin treatment goals. She will then set realistic expectations and a schedule for your treatment(s). Your regenerative PRP skin therapy for aging  is combined with the type of skin treatment most suited to the type of skin aging that you have:

  • Regenerative PRP  Therapy For Skin Surface Aging Aging:


The photo is of our patient, before and after PRP + Micropen CIT for skin surface aging, fine lines, texture, individual results may vary


This group of treatments address the aging in the surface of skin such as fine lines, poor texture, sun spots. We recommend combining several types of non-invasive treatments with topical prescription skincare to maximize results with fewer  invasive skin treatments. This method has several benefits for our patients; fewer PRP treatments mean less discomfort, less downtime and allows for a more cost effective solution without compromising the final outcome. The skin surface treatments we employ with the PRP are:

  1. Micropen CIT + Regenerative PRP:   For mild to moderate skin surface aging
  2. CO2 Fractional Laser Resurfacing + Regenerative PRP: For moderate skin surface aging and mild deeper skin aging
  • Regenerative PRP Therapy For Deeper Skin Aging:


The photo is of our patient before and after PRP with Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency for non-surgical skin tightening, individual results vary

The non-surgical skin tightening treatments aim to improve skin volume and thickness, skin firmness and skin elasticity by inducing collagen and elastin  synthesis in the deeper skin. Until recently, non-surgical skin tightening has been achieved with deep laser peels which is challenging especially in individuals with darker skin tones. We combine the regenerative PRP therapy with non-surgical skin tightening treatments to enhance the results of your non-surgical skin tightening. There are two types of treatments for non-surgical skin tightening for our Dallas and Southlake patients:

  1. CO2 Fractional Laser: Skin Resurfacing lasers, which work from skin surface down by causing a laser peel and penetrating into deeper skin after removing the skin surface. Suitable for lighter skin with moderate skin surface aging and mild skin laxity or deep skin aging.
  2. Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency (MFR):  This is essentially an inside out treatment which works by delivering the skin tightening fractional radiofrequency via microneedles into the deeper skin while sparing the skin surface. Suitable for all skin types including black, Indian and Asian skin types with moderate skin laxity and relatively less skin surface aging.
  • Regenerative PRP  Therapy For Loss Of Volume Within And Below The Skin:


Photo is of our patient before and immediately after PRP + Belotero injection treatment for undereye hollows, individual results may vary

Loss of volume within the skin and below the skin as we age is due to loss of skin tissue and hyaluronic acid in the skin and loss of  fat, muscle mass and bone mass below the skin. The loss of volume below the skin leads to flattening facial contours and deep wrinkles and folds. Replacing the lost volume is achieved with careful placement of FDA  approved cosmetic dermal fillers into the skin and below the skin. For most natural looking results, cosmetic dermal fillers should be placed conservatively AFTER improving skin thickness and firmness to avoid the “overfilled” and “puffy” appearance. We use PRP with a much smaller amount of the appropriate dermal filler to achieve a natural increase in skin and subcutaneous (below the skin) volume for natural  looking results. The most common uses of PRP + cosmetic dermal fillers are:

  1. Treatment of under eye hollows
  2.  Treatment of  facial contours, cheek bone enhancement, chin enhancement etc.
  3. Treatment of loss of volume in the back of hands

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