PRP Medical Research

PRP treatments harness the healing power of your blood to repair and regenerate healthy new tissue in the treatment area. Platelets are a type of blood cell that are responsible for your healing response to injury. Upon injury, your platelets release several growth factors which initiate our body’s natural healing cascade. PRP has been used in Orthopedic applications for over a decade and most of the clinical research is in the Orthopedic injuries and degenerative joint disease. The use of PRP in cosmetic skin and hair treatments is relatively new and there are very few clinical studies in these areas.

Below is a list of some of the clinical articles on PRP use for skin and hair:

Abstract Study to be presented this week at SMSNA conference in Scottsdale, AZ  (November 2016)





Can Platelet-rich Plasma Be Used for Skin Rejuvenation? Evaluation of Effects of Platelet-rich Plasma on Human Dermal Fibroblast


Efficacy of platelet-rich plasma in treatment of androgenic alopecia


Efficacy of Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) in the Treatment of Dark Circles Under the Eyes

Effect of Platelet Rich Plasma on Photoaged Skin


Platelet-Rich Plasma Procedure May Improve Facial Appearance



Efficacy of platelet rich plasma (PRP) on skin rejuvenation: A systematic review