PRP Acne Scar, Deep Scar, Ice Pick Scar Treatment


Photo is of our patient, before and after two PRP +MIcropen treatments for deep and pigmented ace scars, individual results may vary

Acne and other scars a common skin concern among millions of people. Traditionally scars are difficult to treat and require a combination of different types of treatments for gradual improvement. We usually combine minimally invasive cosmetic skin treatments with non-invasive cosmetic skin treatments and topical prescription skin medications to maximize the results of scar treatments with less downtime, less discomfort and to make the treatments cost-effective.

Click for before and after photos of PRP acne scar treatment and PRP pigmented scar treatments. 

What Types Of Scars Can Be Treated With PRP?

The types of acne scars for which we recommend PRP treatments are:

  • Deep scars, ice pick scars.
  • Hyper- pigmented scars
  • Scars resistant to prior treatments.

We do not treat keloid type scars.

What Types Of Treatments Are Needed With PRP For Scar Improvement?

Acne and other scars most commonly need surface smoothing from “outside in” for texture improvement and filling of the scar with collagen induction from “Inside out” for reduction of depth. Very deep scars may need injection of HA fillers below the skin in addition to PRP for replenishment of lost volume and improvement of scar depth. PRP is an effective adjunct to all three types of scar treatments and works by enhancing the results from all these treatments:

  • Resurfacing treatments; “Outside in” treatments, such as Micropen and CO2 fractional resurfacing
  • Collagen Induction Treatments:These include deep laser peels with CO2 fractional laser and  “ Inside out” treatments like Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency (MFR) .
  • Volume replenishment with dermal fillers.

Most individuals with deep scarring require a series of combination type treatments and need to have realistic expectations for gradual improvement of scars over a period of time.

Treatment of Shallow And Medium Depth Scars With PRP

For shallow to medium depth acne and other scars, we like to jump start scar reduction with a single  PRP injection + minimally invasive skin resurfacing treatment such as the Micropen CIT or CO2 fractional laser . The growth factors in your PRP plus the stem cell migration initiated by your PRP maximize collagen and elastin synthesis and regeneration of healthy new skin tissue for optimum treatment results. After your initial PRP + skin resurfacing treatment, we recommend a series of regularly spaced non-invasive treatments such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels for continued improvement in scars from surface and from within.

Treatment of Medium Depth And Ice Pick Scars With PRP

For deeper scars, a single PRP injection treatment followed by a series of Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency(MFR)or injectable RF may work better to reduce the scar depth. The skin surface can be improved with a series of micropen or microdermabrasion treatments. Ice pick scars may respond better to a combination of deep CO2 fractional laser peel and PRP + Dermal filler injections into the scars.

Since the introduction of regenerative PRP treatments to our practice in January 2015, we have treated dozens of  patients of all skin colors and types, for acne and other scars with PRP injection + Micropen CIT, CO2 fractional laser and dermal fillers.. Our patients have seen great results with the combination of PRP and other treatments for all types of acne scars, even deep and pigmented scars.

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