Gallery- Dallas PPR + Micropen Acne Scar Treatment

Dallas PRP acne scar  treatment results. Dallas PRP hyperpigmented scar treatment results. PRP acne and hyperpigmented scar treatments for Indian, Asian, Hispanic and ethnic skin types

PRP Treatment Results For Atrophic Scar Reduction in Dallas and Southlake

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma is obtained from your own blood in our Southlake and Dallas offices. The treatment involves a quick and simple blood draw, like the blood draw for lab tests at your doctor’s office. Your blood is processed in a FDA approved PRP kit and injected into the deep and pigmented scars harness the healing power of your blood and reduces moderate depth acne and pigmented scars. The injection treatment is followed by a Micopen or Dermapen microneedling treatment to further enhance the effect of PRP. PRP works via release of eight growth factors which stimulate collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis and stabilize your melanocytes (pigment producing cells). The PRP treatment improves skin texture, softens the scars and lightens the pigment gradually over the weeks following your treatment, more than one treatment is needed for desired results. The number of treatments needed depend on your unique needs and your body’s unique response to this treatment.

PRP Acne Scar Treatment Results For Asian Skin

Below is photo of an Asian patient before and after PRP + Micropen treatments for acne scars (three treatments) individual results may vary)


PRP acne and hyperpigmented scar treatments for Indian Skin

Below are photos of our Indian patient treated for acne and hyperpigmented scars with PRP and Micopen (2 treatments) individual results may vary




Photos are of actual patients who received the PRP scar treatments, individual results may vary