Gallery- Hyperpigmentation & Melasma Treatments in Dallas

Results of Hyperpigmentation Reduction Treatments In Dallas And Southlake

We offer hyperpigmentation reduction treatments for our patients of all skin colors in Dallas and Southlake. The type and number of skin treatments will vary for each individual. We usually combine different treatment modalites for best results for superficial and deep pigmentation for sun spots, melasma, pigmented scars etc.

Melasma Treatment Options For All Skin Colors In Dallas And Southlake:



NailaMalikMD_Dallas-Melasma-TreatmentRegenerative Cosmetic PRP therapy for melasma, photo of an individual who participated in a study to evaluate the effect of PRP on melasma reduction, before and after PRP therapy individual results vary.

Treatment Of Hyperpigmented Scars For Very Dark African Skin in Dallas And Southlake:


The photo is of our patient before and after three Micropen treatments for a deeply pigmented scar following an aggressive microdermabrasion, individual results vary