Gallery- Micropen, Dermapen with Regenerative PRP in Dallas and Southlake

PRP Facial Results in Dallas and Southlake

Results of PRP Facial for Acne Scars in Dallas and Southlake

PRP and Micropen Treatment Results in Dallas and Southlake

Micropen Treatments with PRP, microneedling with PRP for skin rejuvenation.

NailaMalikMD_PRPFacial-Results              Before and after three Micropen + PRP facial treatment PLUS Dermal injections of PRP- Individual results may vary


NailaMalikMD_PRP-PRP_Facial_ResultsBefore and after three treatments with Micropen + PRP for acne scarring, individual results may vary


NailaMalikMD_PRP_Facial_Results-1Before and after Micropen + PRP treatment for sun spots, texture and fine lines, individual results may vary

The above photos are of individuals who underwent PRP- Micropen combination treatments, individual results may vary.