Gallery- Dallas & Southlake Laser Hair Removal

Syneron elaser Hair Removal in Dallas and Southlake

Laser Hair Removal Deals In Dallas And Southlake

We are excited to introduce the Syneron elaser elos hair removal in Dallas and Southlake. 

Minimal Discomfort . Fast Laser Hair Removal . Suitable For Most Skin Types.

Dallas laser hair removal and Southlake laser hair removal treatments are MD Supervised, performed by our experienced certified laser technician in Dallas and our laser certified licensed aesthetician in Southlake. The elos system is suitable for laser hair removal in Fitzpatrick phototype I through IV, we recommend a test spot for phototype V, we do not recommend elos laser hair removal for phototype VI. 


Dallas-laser hair removal

4 weeks after 2 elos laser hair removal treatments

Dallas elos laser hair removal 5_0

Dallas laser hair removal results

Southlake laser hair removal results

Dallas laser hair removal results

Photos are before and after actual treatments with the elos elaser hair removal, individual results vary

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