Gallery- Cosmetic Dermal Filler For Hand Rejuvenation In Dallas

Back of the hands volume restoration can be achieved with cosmetic dermal fillers for youthful looking hands. Dr. Malik offers dermal fillers for hand rejuvenation in Dallas and Southlake offices and prefers to use RADIESSE® over hyaluronic acid fillers due to better aesthetic outcome and longer lasting results.

RADIESSE® is calcium hydroxyapatite dermal filler formulated for placement deep below the skin and lasts as long as up to eighteen months. Thinning skin of hands leads to aged appearance and can be bothersome for many individuals. A dermal filler can be used to effectively add volume to the dorsum (back) of the hand for a youthful appearance.

The photos are of actual patients who underwent RADIESSE® dermal filler treatment in Dallas and Southlake offices for hand rejuvenation, individual results may vary.


Juvederm Voluma 2cc. For Hand Rejuvenation, Individual Response Varies


Southlake Juvederm Voluma Hand Rejuvenation, Individual Response Varies


Southlake Radiesse Hand Rejuvenation, Individual Results Vary


Juvederm Voluma 2cc for Hand Rejuvenation, Individual Response Varies