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Volbella-Undereye-Hollows-treatmentDallas Undereye Dark Circles Treatments

Undereye hollows are a common concern. A 3-D treatment plan aimed at improving skin thickness, firmness, and subdermal volume leads to best results.

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Best Treatment for Undereye Hollows and Dark Circles

Undereye Hollows and dark circles are common concerns among our cosmetic patients. Undereye hollows are hereditary and caused by one or a combination of several reasons. The best treatments of undereye hollows are those that address the cause or causes of the under eye hollows. The type or types of treatments to best correct under eye hollows depend on the number of factors associated with your under eye hollows. The treatment of under-eye hollows for thicker, firmer skin is a little different that that for thinner skin and loss of skin elasticity of the under-eye area.

Under Eye Hollow Treatment in Individuals with Good Skin Tone and Firmness

Dallas-Volbella-Undereye-Hollows-treatmentUndereye Dermal Filler Injection- Tear Trough Dermal Filler

Loss of volume below the skin in the undereye area along with dark pigmentation of the skin are the earliest factors in relatively younger people that lead to under eye hollows. For these individuals who present early with the loss of subdermal volume and relatively good skin tone, thickness and firmness, a suitable dermal filler placed with the correct injection technique is sufficient solution to instantly reduce the appearance of the under eye hollows.

Currently, none of the dermal fillers is FDA approved for the under eye area.

Two major things to consider when treating the under eye area with fillers are:

  • Safety
  • Cosmetic outcome

Safety and Cosmetic Concerns of Undereye Dermal Filler Treatments


Safety is a concern when treating the undereye hollows with a dermal filler more so than other dermal filler treatment areas. It is IMPERATIVE that the treatment provider has a thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and advanced injector skills for this area. The treatment technique and the type of filler need to be taken into consideration for safety and best results from the undereye hollows treatment.

Risks and Possible Complications From Undereye Filler Injections

Most of the complications associated with hyaluronic acid filler injection in the under eye are mild, transient and reversible. Serious complications are rare and occur due to vascular occlusion. These include cutaneous necrosis and blindness, which although rare can occur due to the compression of the vessel or direct intravascular injection.Use of a correct technique and the appropriate dermal filler can reduce the complication risk. I inject “thin” or low concentration HA fillers with a blunt cannula using aseptic technique and slow injection method to minimize complications and to achieve natural looking results.

Dr. Malik uses a Hyaluronic acid filler for the under eye area. HA fillers vary in consistency and formulation which helps me determine the suitability of an HA filler for any particular area. Under eye area has very thin skin and you need to be careful to use the right type of HA filler. At this time, we use the JUVEDERM VOLBELLA XC which is the newest HA filler FDA approved in June 2016 for perioral lines and lip volume. Volbella is much thinner in consistency than other Juvederm fillers with an HA concentration of 14% compared with 24% in Juvederm Ultra. Like other Juvederm family members, Volbella has a built in local anesthetic for your comfort. In clinical studies, Volbella lasted about 12 months when injected into the lips.

The traditional HA fillers are much thicker and may lead to bluish discoloration when placed in  the under eye area, a phenomenon known as the Tyndall effect, which is basically is light scattering by particles in a colloid or else particles in a very fine suspension

Dallas-Volbella-Undereye-Cannula-TreatmentUnder Eye Hollow Treatment in Individuals with Thinning Skin and Poor Elasticity

Aging leads to changes in skin such as reduced skin elasticity and thickness along, which along with loss of fat below the skin, exaggerates the under eye hollows. As we age, our bony orbit becomes larger which further adds to the “sunken” eyes look. Adding dermal filler to reduce the subdermal volume loss without improving skin thickness and firmness will lead to less than satisfactory results.

  • We cannot treat the loss of bone mass. 
  • We can replace the lost subdermal fat with a suitable dermal filler as discussed above
  • We NEED to improve skin tone, thickness and firmness BEFORE injecting the dermal filler under the skin for lost subdermal fat otherwise the results are less desirable.

Treatment Options For Under-eye Thinning Skin, Loss of  Elasticity and Wrinkles:

Currently, we use the following treatments to improve most commonly associated age-related skin changes:

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