Dallas Profiloplasty Q & A

 Profiloplasty Questions and Answers

What is Profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is aimed at improving facial balance and profile without plastic surgery. A combination of treatments is usually recommended for most individuals.

What types of treatments are done for Profiloplasty?

The exact type of treatment for your Profiloplasty will depend on your facial needs. Most commonly we combine PDO threads and dermal fillers for enhancement of jawline, cheekbones, chin and nose. Occasionally we may use Botox for masseter reduction and Kybella for reduction of excess fat below the jawline.

Who is a candidate for Profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty is suitable for individuals over the age of 21 looking to improve facial balance and profile without plastic surgery and have no chronic health problems, no active infection, no history of an allergic reaction to any of the treatment materials.

Is there any downtime with Profiloplasty?

The downtime depends on the exact type of treatment done for your Profiloplasty. Dr. Malik uses a blunt cannula for all dermal fillers for your safety, comfort and to reduce the downtime. PDO thread treatment may be associated with bruising and swelling.

How many treatments will I need?

The type and number of treatments vary with individual needs. Dr. Malik will evaluate your facial needs and discuss the different treatment options to optimize your personal facial profile.

Can I get Profiloplasty if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, we do not do any cosmetic treatments on patients during pregnant or breastfeeding. We advise to wait after the pregnancy and after they are done breastfeeding before any cosmetic treatment.

What is the cost of Profiloplasty?

The cost of Profiloplasty depends on the type of treatments that you end up doing to improve your facial profile.
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