Dallas Profiloplasty- Non-surgical Facial Sculpting




For patients seeking a way to enhance their profiles, non-surgical Profiloplasty is an option. This is a non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment used to create a more balanced appearance to the face by enhancing the best individual facial features. Most commonly enhanced areas are the jawline, chin, cheekbones, nose and lips.

Commonly asked questions and answers for Profiloplasty.

Instead of surgery, a combination of minimally invasive treatments such as PDO threads, Botox and dermal fillers is used for jawline lift, upper eyelid lift, Botox masseter reduction for facial slimming, cheekbone enhancement, chin augmentation, rhinoplasty, and lip enhancement. Together, these alterations result in more balanced facial proportions. When patients come in for consultations, they often do not realize how much each facial feature influences the appearance of the others; indeed, many cite their most dominant aesthetic features as the area of concern.

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What is Profiloplasty?

Profiloplasty involves enhancement of the facial skeletal framework, such as cheekbones, jawline and chin, and modifying some of the softer facial structures such as the double chin or wider jaw (due to masseter hypertrophy), to achieve aesthetically optimum face shape and contours. Profiloplasty non-surgical face sculpting is achieved by combining a variety of minimally invasive cosmetic treatments to improve facial proportions for enhancement of the overall facial balance and shape.

What Facial Features Can Be Enhanced with Profiloplasty?


Overall, we can subtly improve and enhance the following structures of the face without surgery:

  • Jawline and chin
  • Cheekbones
  • Contour of cheeks
  • The Hollows below the cheekbones
  • The squareness of jaw
  • Double chin
  • Excess fat in the pre-jowl area
  • The profile of the nose
What Types Of Treatments Are Done for Profiloplasty?


The most commonly utilized cosmetic treatments to modify your facial shape and enhance your bony facial structure are:

How Do I Know What Treatments are Best for My Profiloplasty?

Not everyone needs al of the above treatments. The type of treatment combination and the number of each type of treatment will depend on your unique facial needs.

For your non-surgical face sculpting treatment, Dr. Malik will evaluate your facial proportions and discuss your personal cosmetic goals to determine the best treatment combination for you.

If you are looking to achieve better facial proportions and to subtly enhance your natural face shape, without surgery, call 888-210-9693 or email admin@nailamalikmdskin.com for your non-surgical face sculpting consultation in Dallas or Southlake.