Dallas Panfacial Rejuvenation

Panfacial Rejuvenation

Redefining Volumetric and Structural Rejuvenation Approach for Natural Results

As we age, we lose subdermal volume including subdermal fat, muscle mass and bone mass which leads to softening of the facial skeletal frame, such as cheekbones, chin and jawline, along with the appearance of deep facial folds. We also experience loss of skin thickness, firmness and sagging of the skin.

Have you noticed how some people look “puffy”, “over-filled” with somewhat unnatural facial proportions with dermal filler treatments?
The overfilled and unbalanced appearance results from the use of too much dermal filler in an effort to get rid of all the folds and wrinkles without optimizing the dermis and without taking into account the facial skeletal frame.

What is Panfacial Rejuvenation?

The newer “Panfacial Rejuvenation” techniques are aimed to improve the entire face instead of a few deep lines and folds. Panfacial rejuvenation starts with optimization of skin tone & firmness, enhancement of skeletal frame (cheekbones, jawline, chin) and finally a subtle replenishment of subdermal volume loss for naturally youthful you.
The result is a balanced, well-proportioned face with fewer folds and lines, optimized cheekbones, jawline and chin for a truly beautiful outcome.


Panfacial Rejuvenation of Our Patient, Individual Response Varies

What Type of Treatments Are Needed for Panfacial Rejuvenation?

For panfacial rejuvenation, we combine MFR- Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency for non-surgical skin tightening, PDO threads for non-surgical skin lifting and Bellafill for skeletal enhancement and volume replenishment for longer lasting results. The exact area addressed with a combination of these treatments varies with individual needs.

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