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Non-surgical Gummy Smile Reduction

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What is a gummy smile?

“Gummy smile” is a term commonly used to describe exposure of excessive gum line with a smile.  Experts agree that up to 2 mm of gum exposure while smiling is within what is considered attractive or ideal smile. More than 2 mm of gum exposure with a smile is considered, “gummy”.

How common is a gummy smile?

Women tend to have gummy smile twice as often as men. Cosmetic physicians who treat gummy smile estimate that about 7% of men and about 14% of women have “gummy smile”. In reality there may be a higher incidence of gummy smile that goes unreported.

What causes gummy smile:

There are multiple causative factors that can lead to overexposure of gums; the common ones being excessive gum tissue, small or short teeth, short upper lip, hyperactive lip elevator muscles which raise the upper lip during a smile. All the factors leading to gummy smile are hereditary.

Treatment options  for gummy smile:

Traditional surgical treatments for gummy smile

Traditionally surgical gummy smile reduction was the only treatment to reduce gum exposure. Various types of surgical treatments have been employed for gummy smile reduction. These include cutting the muscles that elevate the upper lip, cutting down the excessive gums to lengthen the exposure of teeth and in more severe cases cutting and repositioning the upper jaw or an orthognathic surgery. All surgical gummy smile reduction treatments are lengthy and associated with considerable expense, pain, and downtime.

New non-surgical treatment for gummy smile reduction

Thankfully, with new advancements in modern non-surgical cosmetic treatments, in most cases, a gummy smile can be reduced safely and effectively with very satisfactory results with a quick in office treatment without anesthesia and without surgery.  With a couple of carefully placed injections with Botox, the lip elevators can be adequately relaxed for a dramatic reduction in gum exposure with a smile. For those with a thin upper lip, an FDA-approved dermal filler such as Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Volbella XC is injected into the upper lip following the natural lip shape to increase the volume of the upper lip. Increase upper lip volume further helps reduce the appearance of gum line along with the relaxation of upper lip elevators.  Botox alone or Botox with Juvederm lip enhancement leads to a very natural solution to excessive gum exposure with the smile. The type of treatment that is best suited for you can be determined at the time of your consultation.

How is the non-surgical gummy smile treatment with Botox done?

At the time of your initial visit, Dr. Malik will review your medical history, your previous gummy smile treatment history, the extent of your gummy smile and your lip elevator muscle movement. After discussing your treatment goals and realistic expectations from this treatment, she will inject a small amount of Xeomin in two or three areas with a very tiny needle. You will be asked to follow up in 2 weeks to assess the need for further relaxation of the lip elevators with an additional injection of Xeomin. Your initial visit and the 2-week post initial treatment with any Xeomin touch up if needed is included in the cost of your gummy smile reduction treatment.

How often will I need Botox gummy smile reduction?

Because the effects of neuromodulators such as Botox and Xeomin are not permanent, gummy smile reduction requires treatments every 3-4 months to maintain the results.

What is the cost of Botox gummy smile reduction?

Cost of non-surgical gummy smile reduction with Botox alone in Dallas and Southlake is $345

The cost of dermal filler lip enhancement will depend on the amount and type of dermal filler used.  View our current specials for dermal fillers in Dallas and Southlake.

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There is a $100 consultation fee with MD, all of which is applied toward your gummy smile treatment.