Derma Roller Vs Micropen


Microneedling with Harvest Micropen compared with dermal Roller Treatment.

We have been asked by many of our patients to explain to them the difference between “Micropen” and Dermaroller”. A number of people are often overwhelmed and conflicted with the countless types of facial treatments and the claims made by different treatments.

Most of you have seen the information online saying that automated micro-needling treatments are basically the same treatment as dermaroller. One of the biggest questions we have encountered is “why will I pay for a Micropen treatment, when I can get my own dermaroller at a fraction of the cost?”.

Both dermaroller and Micropen treatments share the same principal; creation of micro-wounds in the surface of the skin, thereby stimulating collagen synthesis which repairs surface imperfections and injury, such as fine lines, wrinkles and surface scars. The end goal is an improvement in your skin texture, tone, fine lines and scars by using your body’s healing ability in a natural way.

Let’s see how each of the two treatments work and which one is better for improvement of skin imperfections.
What is Micro-Needling with the Harvest Micropen?

Micro-Needling is one of the newer skin surface treatment in the field of cosmetic medicine. Microneedling improves your skin surface imperfections through a process called PCIT or Per-cutaneous Collagen Synthesis Therapy by inducing a series of very tiny, controlled ”microwounds”. Micropen treatments are used for improving the appearance of fine lines, acne and other skin surface scars, hyperpigmentation and the overall improvement of your skin’s appearance.

During your Micropen treatment, a sterile tip with very fine needles, vibrating at 6000-8000 rpm is used to gently remove the most superficial layers of skin cells and create a controlled reaction within your skin that leads to stimulation of collagen and elastin production. Your skin’s natural repair process following a single Micropen treatment results in an improvement of the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, texture, scars, stretch marks and brown sun spots. Additionally a Micropen treatment opens micro-channels in your skin, which can be used to effectively transport topical creams, serums, medications and PRP to help improve deeper skin conditions such as acne, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, deep wrinkles, skin tone and deeper stretch marks.

How is the Harvest Micropen treatment done?

Your Micropen treatment for anti-aging, acne scars , stretch marks and melasma in our Dallas and Southlake offices is done by one of our licensed aestheticians or our certified Medical Assistant. A topical skin numbing medication is applied to your face or the body area being treated for 20-30 minutes before your Micropen treatment. Your skin is thoroughly cleaned with a gentle cleanser. A sterile Micropen needle tip with 12 micro-needles is attached to the Micropen. Your treatment provider applies a thin layer of a hydrating topical serum to your skin and selects the appropriate treatment setting based on the area being treated and your individual skin needs. The next step is done is small sections. The Micropen tip is gently pressed against your hydrated skin while simultaneously gliding in single, smooth motion until the entire treatment area has been covered. Some areas with deeper scars, or wrinkles may be treated 3-4 times to see results. A single Micropen treatment opens thousands of microscopic channels for transport of skin treatment cremes, antiaging gels, PRP or whatever your skin needs.

What is the Derma Roller Treatment?

A derma roller is usually a “at home use” device which consists of a drum like treatment tip that is outfitted with multiple needles, often labeled as “surgical-grade needles.” The derma roller is meant to be rolled over your skin 2-3 three times per week with a light pressure to create mini punctures in your skin. The punctures from the derma roller are supposed to allow your skin products to penetrate better and improve your skin over time.

Derma rollers claim that the wounds created by derma roller lead to extra collagen production like the treatments in the Doctors’ office such as the professional, medical grade Microneedle treatment. However, the Harvest Micropen treatment is done by a trained aesthetician or medical assistant under physician supervision and the Eclpise Micropen is professionally calibrated to be safe and effective for your particular skin type and needs. This ensures the treatment with the Harvest Micropen in our Dallas and Southlake office to be beneficial to you with minimal side effects.

Derma rollers are devices meant to be used at home, unmonitored, at your own risk and without the appropriate training. For some, this may pose more risk in causing damage, scarring, post inflammatory pigmentation which can make your skin worse than where you started.

How is the MicroPen different from dermal needling rollers?

Studies show that the response of the skin for collagen synthesis leading to repair of fine lines and scars is more dramatic with a professional medical grade Micropen than the dermaroller. It makes perfect sense; one of the biggest differences between the two treatments is that the Micropen needles puncture your skin surface vertically, whereas the needles on a dermaroller do not penetrate the skin vertically. So whether you are using a dermaroller on a patient or yourself, the needles enter and exit the skin at an angle. The angle of the micro-needles can actually make tears in the skin and create a larger micro-channel than desired, which can lead to scarring.


We use the Harvest Micropen for microneedling treatments in Dallas and Southlake for many skin conditions; such as sun damage, fine lines, poor texture, acne and other scars, melasma and other hyper-pigmentation disorders.

We combine our Micropen treatments in Dallas and Southlake with ultra hydrating pure hyaluronic acid serum OR with PRP for treatment fine lines, scars, stretch marks, texture and pigmentation. We can combine your Micropen treatment with medications targeted to improve your particular needs.
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