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Southlake Non-surgical Chin Enhancement | Dallas Non-surgical Chin Enhancement

Dermal Fillers for Non-surgical Chin Enhancement in Dallas and Southlake
RADIESSE® or JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC for non-surgical chin enhancement in Dallas and Southlake

The chin plays an important part in overall aesthetics of face and neck. A weak chin can make the nose look disproportionately larger and the neck, less defined. Non-surgical chin enhancement is an adequate option for those individuals with mild to moderately weak chin to enhance the overall facial proportions, jawline, and neckline. Non-surgical chin enhancement is done in our Southlake and Dallas office by Dr. Malik after your evaluation for the appropriateness of this treatment.

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What does the non-surgical chin enhancement treatment involve?

For your non-surgical chin enhancement with dermal fillers in Dallas and Southlake, you will be scheduled for a consultation with Dr. Malik at the location most convenient for you. During your consultation, She will review your medical history, history of previous cosmetic treatments and their outcome, history of any medications that you may be taking and history of allergies to any medication or other substances.
After determining that you are a suitable candidate for dermal filler treatment, she will analyze your facial proportions and take photographs of your face at different angles. She will review your photographs with you to determine your goals from the treatment and to explain realistic expectations from this treatment.
If you decide to have the treatment done, in many cases she can do the non-surgical chin enhancement treatment the same day if requested by you at the time of making your appointment.
For your non-surgical chin enhancement with a dermal filler, she will first apply a topical numbing creme to the area of treatment. The areas to be enhanced are marked by Dr. Malik. The treatment area is cleaned with a surgical scrub. An FDA approved appropriate dermal filler (Radiesse or Juvederm Voluma) is placed in the previously marked areas with a very fine needle in few small bolus injections. The dermal filler is gently massaged for smooth results. Your post-treatment photographs are taken and compared with the pre-treatment photographs for your satisfaction.
The entire treatment (markings and injections) takes about fifteen minutes although your complete visit may take much longer due to pre-treatment and post-treatment evaluation.
As with all other cosmetic treatments, Dr. Malik has a conservative, “safety first”, “less is more” approach to non-surgical chin enhancement. You can always place more filler if needed.

What complications can occur with the non-surgical chin enhancement with the dermal fillers?

Most common complications with dermal filler injections are swelling and bruising, which are less common and less severe in this area. There is a small risk of infection which is lowered with the use of surgical antiseptic scrub and aseptic technique. Accidental injection into a blood vessel is less likely in this area and is avoided with a proper injection technique.

How long will the results last for the non-surgical chin enhancement with dermal fillers?

The length of time your results will last depend on the type of filler used and your body’s inherent ability to process and remove the dermal fillers from the injection site. Generally, RADIESSE® lasts from 15-18 months and JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC lasts about 24 months. Keep in mind that RADIESSE®  is 1.5 cc in each syringe, has a firmer thicker texture for a more robust chin enhancement whereas JUVÉDERM VOLUMA® XC is 1 cc per syringe and is an HA filler with a little softer texture and more subtle chin enhancement.

What is the cost of non-surgical chin enhancement with dermal fillers?

Call 888-210-9693 or email for the cost of non-surgical chin enhancement with dermal fillers.


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