Botox & Xeomin For Chin Wrinkles

Botox-chin-before-and-after.jpgActual patient,individual results may vary

Dallas Botox and Xeomin Treatment For Chin Wrinkle Reduction

Neuromodulators like Botox, Xeomin and Dysport work on expressive or dynamic wrinkles by causing temporary relaxation of muscles which lead to bunching of skin with expressions such as frown, eyebrow raise and crow’s feet from laughing or squinting. These neuomodulators can also be used effectively for reduction of wrinkles around the mouth and chin due to muscle contraction of this area. The key to great results is to place just the right amount of neuromodulator, precisely in the muscles responsible for wrinkling the area without overusing the medication. In our offices, I have been treating patients for dynamic wrinkles of forehead, crow’s feet, chin and neck for over 10 years and I tend to be conservative with my treatments especially around the mouth for obvious reasons. Excessive relaxation of any area can lead to untoward side effects such as droopy eyelids, or flattened eyebrows. Excessive relaxation of muscles around the mouth can result in difficulty with sipping liquids, weak smile etc. I explain to my patients that the goal of treatment is to soften the appearance of wrinkles without overly relaxed muscles for best cosmetic outcome without looking “unnatural”. You can always have a touch up in a week or two if needed. I have treated thousands of patients over the years, and it is rather uncommon to have over relaxation in our offices.

Of course there are other more permanent options for wrinkle reduction around the mouth, such as the CO2 fractional laser resurfacing and the newest treatment for deep wrinkle reduction, the 3D Dermalift MFR (Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency) which tightens and lifts the skin as it fills up deep wrinkles

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