Southlake Scar Reduction | Dallas Scar Reduction


Acne, Pigmented Scars and Other Scar Reduction Treatments in Dallas, Southlake and FortWorth Texas

Let us help you reduce appearance of unsightly scars with targeted treatments.

If you have unsightly scars from acne, eczema, chicken pox, shingles, it can affect your appearance… and your confidence. We can help you reduce the appearance of scars with a treatment plan as unique as you!

Your initial visit with Dr. Malik allows her to evaluate your specific goals and objectives. After evaluating your medical history and previous treatment response, she can determine the course of treatment best suited for your skin type and the nature of your scars.

Experience, techniques and combination of treatments for best results.

We use different treatment modalities and often combine treatment types to achieve best possible results for most scars.

For superficial scars, we use a less invasive treatment program, the Acne Clearderm program which includes in office treatments such as microdermabrasions, micropeels, IPL fotofacials and prescription medication compounded just for your skin type to smooth the appearance of scars over time. The Acne Clearderm program treatments have little or no downtime.

For hyperpigmented acne and other scars, we recommend the Aurora Clearderm Program. This treatment program is safe and effective for most skin types including African American, Hispanic, Asian and other dark skinned individuals. Some of the treatments in the Aurora Clearderm program are associated with 2-3 days of mild skin redness and peeling.

For deep pitted scars, we recommend the DOT CO2 laser skin resurfacing treatment. Most people with deep scarring need two to three sessions of fractional CO2 laser, 4-6 weeks apart followed by multiple treatments with less invasive skin treatments to gradually improve the scars over a period of time.

If you have keloid scars, it is best to be treated as early as possible. Early keloid scars can be minimized with injection of steroid medication to reduce the skin’s ability to generate excess scar tissue. We do not provide treatment for established keloid scars. For established keloid scars, it is best to consult a plastic surgeon experienced in treating keloid scars.

To attain a more even complexion with less visible scarring and for a safe effective, results-oriented and realistic treatment plan for scar reduction in Dallas and Southlake Call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment