PRP-Cosmetic Skin Treatment Enhancer


In the world of cosmetic medicine today, a large variety of cosmetic treatments are used for non-surgical skin rejuvenation, scar and stretch mark reduction. These include radio-frequency, light and laser procedures.

The popularity of nonsurgical skin rejuvenation and scar reduction has been rising due to minimal risk and rapid recovery from these procedures. The downsides of non-surgical skin treatments are the limitation of improvement and the variation of results from person to person due to differences in individual healing response to any particular treatment.

Many non-surgical cosmetic treatments for anti-aging, scar and stretch mark reduction work by inducing a controlled dermal wound and induce collagen synthesis by your body to heal the wound; the cosmetic results of these non-surgical cosmetic treatments depend on the quality and quantity of collagen synthesized by your body to heal the micro-wounds.

Your collagen synthesis in response to the non-surgical cosmetic treatment will ultimately determine the results of your cosmetic treatment and your recovery time after the treatment. Better collagen synthesis will result in better skin tightening, better wrinkle reduction, better scar and stretch mark reduction. Better collagen synthesis also leads to quicker recovery and less down time.

What if we were to add a specialized wound healing serum or “treatment enhancers”or to your cosmetic treatment to enhance your collagen synthesis in response to your non-surgical cosmetic treatments?

With newer advancements in this fast evolving cosmetic field, the results from non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments can be improved with use of specialized wound care regimen during and after such treatments. We like to refer to these specialized wound care regimens as, “treatment enhancers”

There is vast clinical evidence in support of use of peptides, vitamins and other nutrients for better wound healing. Medical research suggests that addition of growth factors to post-operative skincare leads to quicker wound healing and less recovery time. There are currently several clinical studies further evaluating the role of growth factors for wound healing.

We currently use your Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) as a “treatment enhancer” for your non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments for anti-aging, scar and stretch mark reduction in Dallas and Southlake.


Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP

Since the addition of your own PRP as a treatment enhancer to our Dallas and Southlake non-surgical minimally invasive cosmetic treatments in January 2015, our patients have experienced the following:

  • Less discomfort during and immediately after their treatment
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Improvement in cosmetic outcome
  • Overall better patient satisfaction with the cosmetic skin treatment

The choice of the treatment enhancer depends on the skin condition, extent of symptoms, your general health, your prior experience with the non-surgical cosmetic treatments and your desired outcome.

For more information about our non-surgical cosmetic skin treatments and Dallas and Southlake and how to get the most from your skin procedure call us at 888-210-9693 for your consultation.