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Photo is of our patient before and three months after three microneedle fractional radiofrequency treatnments, individual results may vary

PRP With RF Skin Tightening Treatments in Dallas and Southlake

Platelet Rich Plasma-PRP and Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency- MFR

PRP And Non-surgical Skin Tightening Treatments in Dallas and Southlake

With aging, we lose volume and elasticity in our face due to thinning skin, loss of fat, muscle and bone. Most individuals with severe skin sagging are better off with surgical Face-lift with removal of excess skin and re-positioning of underlying muscles. For those with mild to moderate skin sagging, there are a few non-surgical alternatives before resorting to surgery.

Cosmetic dermal fillers can replace the volume lost by fat alone and may not give you the best cosmetic results without addressing the skin thickness and firmness. In fact placement of too much dermal filler without skin firmness and tightness can lead to “over-filled” or “pneumatic” appearance.
Which is why I ALWAYS Dr. Malik recommends addressing loss of skin firmness before and alongside dermal fillers.
Over the last few years, a number of skin tightening treatments have been used in non-surgical cosmetic skincare offices for improving skin tightness and firmness; such as Thermage, Titan and Refirme. Thermage uses unipolar radiofrequency- RF with a non invasive treatment head (which means no skin breach) Titan uses infrared light (IR) for skin tightening, and Refirme combines Infrared-IR and bipolar RF. All these treatments have mixed results due to variable penetration of RF and IR into the deep dermis which is where the action is needed.

In our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic skin treatment offices, we offer a novel solution for sagging skin; the Micro-needle Fractional Radiofrequency or MFR with PRP. Think of MFR as an “Injectable Laser” or more precisely an “Injectable RF”. The treatments involve “injection” of radiofrequency into the dermis with microneedles for collagen tightening and new collagen production in the deep dermis. Radiofrequency treatment was FDA approved for skin tightening in 2002 and had less than expected results with the initial treatment methods due to its poor penetration into the dermis. The new delivery method of Radiofrequency into the deep dermis with the use of gold plated and insulated microneedles was introduced a couple of years and and it has changed the outcome for non-surgical skin tightening. We have treated numerous patients with the Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency in Dallas and Southlake since February 2014 with great results and over 80% patient satisfaction. We added Platelet Rich Plasma- PRP, in 2015 to this minimally invasive treatment and have seen even better results with our non-surgical skin tightening cosmetic treatments in Dallas and Southlake. This is due the presence of growth factors and omnipotent stem cells in PRP which lead to better wound healing, better collagen production and eventually better skin tightness, thickness and firmness.

Results of injectable Radiofrequency or Microneedle Fractional Radiofrequency alone on our patients, individual results may vary


Another advantage of PRP is that it can be used an a dermal filler at the time of your non-surgical skin tightening treatment in Dallas and Southlake. Dr. Malik typically evaluates your skincare needs and may recommend PRP subdermal placement for restoration of mid face volume, cheek bone enhancement, under-eye hollows, nasolabial folds, deep wrinkles along the sides of face and under chin.

We typically recommend a series of three treatments, four weeks apart followed by a maintenance treatment every few months. The treatment is associated with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime. Most of our patients have two to three days of mild redness and mild swelling following MFR and PRP. Occasionally there maybe bruising with subdermal PRP placement. Facial bruising can last two to three weeks and can be minimized with avoidance of certain medications/supplements, administration of arnica and ice packs following the treatment.

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