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How Do You Get Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks can occur in men and women on various parts of their bodies due to rapid expansion and excessive stretching of skin such as that seen during puberty, growth spurts and during pregnancy.  The most common areas where stretch marks are usually seen include the abdomen, breasts, upper thighs, buttocks, upper arms, and lower back. The stretch marks are due to a breach in the middle layer of the skin, the dermis. With the rapid expansion in some individuals, the dermis breaks down, leading to the characteristic stretch marks.  

In some ways, a stretch mark is like a scar in the middle layer of skin which occurs due to relatively poor skin elasticity. In individuals prone to getting stretch marks, the skin does not regain its normal shape once the stretching is over like after pregnancy or after massive and rapid weight loss. Depending on your skin color, the stretch marks may have reddish or purplish hue. Over time the areas of stretched skin with the breakdown of dermal collagen become shiny with silver streaks.

Effective Stretch Mark Treatments

The stretch marks are very difficult to treat. There is no one treatment that will get rid of stretch marks completely. The best treatment approach is prevention whenever possible.

 Here are a few suggestions to prevent stretch marks:

  • Avoid rapid and profound weight fluctuations.
  • Maintain adequate lean protein intake to keep skin collagen in great shape
  • Maintain adequate intake of good fats to keep the dermis hydrated for optimum elasticity
  • Keep skin well hydrated with the application of topical emollients during periods of unavoidable skin expansion, like pregnancy and puberty.

There are several treatments that are advertised for stretch marks, but none of them are one hundred percent effective. We have found that combining the above listed preventive methods with an early treatment plan of stretch marks leads to the best outcome. The success of any stretch mark treatment program will depend on your genetics, your skin tone, your age, the extent of sun damage your skin has had, your overall health, your body weight and its stability and your lifestyle.

Effective Stretch Mark Treatments include:

  • In office non-invasive treatments, like a series of microdermabrasion and chemical peels
  • In office minimally invasive treatments, like a series of micropen, a series of CO2 fractional laser, a series of IPL fotofacial (for improvement of reddish or bluish color stretch marks only). Any of these treatments can be combined with your PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) to enhance collagen and healthy new tissue regeneration.
  • At home prescription skincare to improve texture in between the above treatments

PRP and Microneedling For Stretch Mark Reduction- How Does It Work?

PRP and Micropen combination treatment is a relatively newer treatment option for stretch mark reduction for our Dallas and Southlake patients. We have found this treatment option to be very effective in reducing stretch marks in our patients, even the ones with longer duration of stretch marks.* We also find this treatment to have several advantages over CO2 fractional laser or other laser resurfacing treatments:

* Individual results may vary

  • Less painful than CO2 fractional laser which makes it  more easily tolerated by all skin types
  • Pigment neutral, which makes it suitable for a wider patient population, even darker skin tones.
  • Less downtime. There is mild redness for 2-3 days from the micropen and 5-7 days of mild bruising and swelling from PRP injections
  • PRP enhances the results of any minimally invasive skin treatment by way of the growth factors in PRP which means enhanced collagen synthesis after your treatment.
Our Current PRP + Micropen treatment protocol for stretch mark reduction consists of:
  • Initial PRP plus Micropen treatment, which includes dermal regeneration with Harvest PRP  with injections of PRP into the dermis by Dr Malik for maximum healthy tissue regeneration and dermal repair; and an aggressive Micropen treatment by one of our skincare professionals with several passes (average 5-8 passes) at a deeper level for maximum CIT-Collagen Induction Therapy
  • Two additional Micropen treatments, four to six weeks apart following the initial PRP + Micropen treatment for further collagen induction, surface smoothing and scar /stretch mark reduction

The Cost of PRP and Micropen treatments for stretch mark reduction in Dallas and Southlake is:

  • Medium area approximately 6 inch x 8 inch)- $995
  • Large area approximately 8-inch x 10-inch – $1195
  • Extra Large Area approximately 12-inch x 16-inch – $1795

Call 888-210-9693 for our current specials on PRP + Micropen stretch mark treatments

Above stretch mark treatment packages include ONE PRP(injection & topical application with the first microneedle treatment and TWO microneedle alone treatments (without PRP). We use  pure hyaluronic acid with all micropen, microneedling treatments in Southlake and Dallas.

Some people may need additional micropen treatments. We may recommend additional non-invasive treatments like microdermabrasion and or chemical peels for continued improvement of your stretch marks. We always recommend lifestyle modification, weight maintenance and topical skincare for your best results.

call 888-210-9693 for your consultation for stretch mark treatment in Dallas and Southlake. There is no consultation fee to be seen by one of our skincare professionals. There is a consultation fee of $100 to see Dr Malik which is applied entirely toward your PRP  treatment