Dallas PRP and Micropen Treatment


Photograph is of our patient, before and after two PRP injection + Micropen Treatments, individual results may vary

Dalls PRP Facial Treatments–

Dallas PRP Skin Rejuvenation 

Dallas PRP Scar, Stretch Mark and Pigmentation Reduction

Dallas  PRP and Micropen (also known as microneedling, Dermapen) 

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The Naila Malik MD  PRP Facial treatment is a new cosmetic facial treatment which utilizes the healing power of your own blood and combines it with the unique rejuvenating/resurfacing action of the Microneedling treatment done with a medical grade Micrpen or Dermapen to regenerate collagen in your skin for a youthful appearance. A PRP Facial treatment can smooth out fine lines, skin texture, surface discolorations and improve the tone and elasticity of skin with just one treatment in as little as six weeks.

Dallas-PRP Facial Treatment Results

The above photo is of a actual treatment on a volunteer subject at a PRP conference

The PRP Facial gained popularity in the media after Kim Kardashain talked about this treatment’s benefits in 2013. The “Kim Kardashain PRP Facial”has been touted in various national publications and blogs as the “go to celebrity facial”.

How is the PRP Facial Treatment Done in Our Dallas and Southlake Cosmetic Skincare Offices?

For your  PRP Micropen treatment or PRP Facial skin treatments in our Dallas and Southlake offices, you are requested to arrive 30-40 minutes prior to your appointment time. One of our cosmetic PRP trained medical assistants/aestheticinas will apply topical numbing to your face. She will draw a small amount of blood from your vein, similar to a blood draw for your routine lab work. Your blood is centrifuged in FDA approved PRP system for separation of your healthy platelets and growth factors form the white and red blood cells for a concentrated “Platelet Rich Plasma” or PRP. Your platelet rich plasma- PRP is prepared in a closed system with your name and identification on the blood collection tube at the time of your blood draw for sterile, blood tinged liquid which is rich in 8 growth factors, fibrin and platelets for maximum tissue regeneration. We use the Harvest PRP system which is the most used system in US hospitals for major surgical procedures and  gives a platelet concentration of 5-6x in the PRP, making it on the best systems for wound repair and healthy tissue regeneration following your PRP facial treatment for wrinkles, scars, pigment disorders or other skin imperfections..

The next step after cleaning your face is the injection of your PRP into the dermis and below the dermis by Dr. Malik for maximum collagen induction and neovascularization (new blood vessel formation) for healthy, glowing skin in just one treatment. The injections are followed by application of your PRP/PPP to the skin surface while “aerating” your face with the Micropen or Dermapen. The microneedling treatment has been around for a few years and has been shown to improve the appearance of skin through a process called Collagen Induction Therapy-CIT. For improvement of skin texture, wrinkles, elasticity, deep pigmentation such as melasma we recommend starting with three PRP facial treatments, 6-8 weeks apart to achieve desired results.

How does your PRP improve results of the Microneedling treatment?

When you cut yourself, you platelets are the component of your blood that are responsible for repairing the injury. They do so by starting a cascade which involves releasing multiple growth factors and activating multi-potent stem cells to regenerate new skin tissue. The platelet rich plasma from your own blood, when applied to your skin while inducing micro-injuries from the microneedling, start the same cascade; the result is an enhancement in the new collagen and tissue regeneration leading to a firmer, smoother and more youthful face. Additionally the placement of your PRP into the dermis and below the dermis starts a tremendous increase in collagen and elastic for thicker, firmer healthier skin with fewer wrinkles and smoother texture.

Thousands of individuals and many celebrities are looking better each day with this quick, virtually no downtime “secret weapon”.

What Does Your PRP Facial Treatment Include?

Dallas PRP and micropen treatment

Your PRP Facial treatment includes:

  1. One HARVEST PRP 30 cc kit (FDA approved PRP kit) with 4-6 cc of PRP and another 8-10 ccs of PPP. You can upgrade to a 60 cc kit at an additional cost if you are looking to treat neck or hands at the time of your treatment or if you have extensive sun damage to facial skin requiring larger amount of PRP dermal injections.
  2. Placement of your PRP into the skin and below the skin by Dr. Malik. The site of PRP injections is determined by Dr Malik after she evaluates your facial aging/needs .
  3. One microneedling treatment with the Micropen or Dermapen of full face by our PRP trained medical assistant/aesthetician with application of your PRP/PPP .
  4. Our Post treatment pure Hyaluronic acid for topical application for the days immediately following your PRP Facial treatment.
  5. You can add hyaluronic acid dermal filler or Radiesse dermal filler to your PRP Facial treatment at an additional cost

How Much Does The PRP Facial Cost in Dallas and Southlake?

The Cost of your PRP Facial treatment is $825 for single full face treatment with the Harvest 30 cc kit in our Dallas and Southlake.
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