Cosmetic PRP- Who Is Not A Candidate?


Cosmetic PRP Therapy is an effective treatment for several conditions and has been successfully used to improve skin and hair conditions. In Dallas and Southlake we provide the following PRP treatments:  PRP hair regeneration,  PRP skin rejuvenation, PRP for melasma, PRP for  management of urinary incontinence in women. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is not for everyone.  Certain medical conditions, use of certain medications may make  your platelets less effective.

What Is PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP is obtained from your blood and injected into your tissue wherever tissue regeneration is needed. Over the last decade autologous  PRP has been successfully and extensively used in sports medicine to regenerate tendon injuries, muscle injuries, worn out cartilage in aging joints; in general surgery to promote faster healing of  large surgical scars and in the field of cosmetic and anti-aging medicine for skin rejuvenation and hair regeneration.

Autologous PRP provides a safe and very effective regenerative treatment option but unfortunately not everyone is a candidate for PRP cosmetic regenerative treatments. Below are some of the absolute and relative contraindications to PRP treatments:

Absolute Contraindications To PRP Regenerative Therapy:

  • Platelet dysfunction syndrome
  • Critical thrombocytopenia- Very low platelet count
  • Hemodynamic instability- Very low blood pressure
  • Septicemia or local infection to injection site

Relative Contraindications To PRP Regenerative Therapy

  • Aspirin and other NSAIDs use within one week of the PRP therapy.
  • Corticosteroid injection at treatment site (1 month)
  • Systemic use of corticosteroids (2 weeks)
  • Cancers (hematopoetic-blood  or bone)
  • HGB < 10g/dl or platelet count < 105/ul

We do not want you to stop taking your aspirin or blood thinner medication if you are taking these medications for heart condition and for stroke prevention. If you are taking any of the medications for a serious medical illness, you will need to pause the medications under your physician’s care and obtain a medical clearance letter before your PRP therapy.

Please call our office 888-210-9693 if you have any other questions about PRP regenerative treatments in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine