Injectble RF for Underye Hollows

Dallas_Undereye_Hollow_Reduction.jpgActual Patient, before and immediately after one session of 3D Dermalift MFR
Three sessions, three weeks apart are recommended for best results

Dark circles and under-eye hollows is one of the most common complaints among our patients seen at both Southlake and Dallas offices. Dark circles tend to be hereditary and usually due to a combination of issues: dark pigmentation, loss of fat below the skin and thinning skin with poor texture and prominent blue veins. Dark circles can also be the result of shadows from bulging under eye fat or bags. For fatty bulges, lower eyelid surgery with removal of bulging fat will be the best option to soften the appearance of these dark circles due to excess fat deposits.

However, for the under-eye hollows/dark circles due to pigmentation, thinning skin and loss of fat under the skin the under-eye eyelid lift Surgery will provide minimal improvement. The hollowness of the under-eye area which is seen even in younger patients, is the result of decreased volume in the lower lid and upper cheek areas.

Dr. Malik has successfully used a combination approach to address this very common aesthetic problem. Depending on the your presentation, she uses CO2 fractional laser, the newest skin tightening treatment, the 3D Dermalift MFR (similar to INFINI, and FRACTORA), facial fillers such as Belotero and our customized prescription topical skin lightening creme to address each of the different causes contributing to the appearance of hollows/dark circles for fresh, youthful looking eyes.

3D Dermalift MFR is quick, virtually pain free, and has little if any down time. CO2 fractional laser is associated with two to three days of mild redness and swelling. In our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic skincare practices, Dr. Malik uses the most advanced injection techniques for dermal fillers for minimal discomfort and downtime.

For an individualized treatment plan, each patient needs to be evaluated for treatment recommendation most suitable for your particular needs, as there are so many different causes for under-eye hollows and circles. During your consultation, Dr. Malik will thoroughly evaluate your specific concern and suggest the best possible treatment for your under eye dark circles or hollows.

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