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Syneron eLaser Removal Powered by elōs Technology

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Laser Hair Removal With the Syneron elos elaser Systems in Dallas and Southlake

Fast, Painless Hair Reduction For Men and Women In Dallas and Southlake

Most Suitable For Fitzpatrick  Skin Type III-IV. Fitzpatrick skin type I, II and V may require additional sessions. Fitzpatrick skin type V may require a test spot before proceeding with a full treatment session. We do NOT treat Fitzpatrick skin type VI in our Dallas and Southlake offices.

Permanent hair removal lasers have come a long way since their introduction and FDA approval in the 1990’s. First of all , “Laser Hair Removal” should really be called “laser hair reduction” and generally includes permanent hair reduction achieved by destroying hair follicles with specialized laser and light based devices (BBL/IPL). Older generation lasers and light based devices were slow, very painful and associated with a much larger incidence of side effects such as skin burns, scarring, pigment changes and so forth. This made it virtually impossible to treat darker skin types. An ideal laser hair removal treatment candidate used to be a very dark haired individual with very light skin, i.e Snow White. Today, hair removal lasers are much more safe and effective on most skin types and colors. The treatments are much faster and far more comfortable, virtually painless. Individual pain perception varies but most of our patients find the Syneron elaser system to be more comfortable than most other lasers for hair removal. Laser hair removal with the right equipment performed by an experienced technician is safe and effective on any area of the body.
Our Dallas and Southlake offices have the Syneron elos elaser- Fast, painless system (most of our patients report minimal discomfort) is suitable for  most skin types.

Syneron eLaser Removal Powered by elōs Technology

Some of the major benefits of the Syneron elos permanent hair removal system are:
This system is much faster than the older hair removal systems, our aestheticians can treat an extra extra large area such as full legs or full back in less than an hour .
The Syneron elos DSL applicator  comes with an integrated cooling head which cools the skin surface during treatment for your comfort. The DSL uses a diode laser emitting 810 nm wavelength. This is ideal for melanin absorption and is well tolerated for most skin types.  RF current flows from one electrode to another  and will gently heat up everything in its pathway as is is conducted through skin. In addition to contributing to thermolysis of dermal targets, the RF current also acts as an indirect thermometer in the dermis.This allows the DSL to perform monitoring of your skin temperature, making it a smart device with a unique safety feature.
For the reasons stated above the Syneron elos elaser is considered safe for use in most skin types including darker and tanned skin. We have treated a large number of patients of most skin types and colors, Fitzpatrick skin types I through IV, with minimal discomfort and good results. Fitzpatrick type I and II may require extra sessions due to lighter hair . For Fitzpatrick skin type V, we recommend a test spot before proceeding with full treatment as an extra precaution. We treat darker skin at much lower settings which usually requires a higher number of sessions for permanent hair reduction in dark skin individuals. To further protect darker skins from getting laser burn, we recommend NOT using a topical anesthetic creme to the area being treated.
The Syneron elos elaser hair removal system is effective for most skin types with minimum side effects, pigment changes or other problems. We have had excellent patient feedback regarding results and comfort of the treatment. Most of our patients have experienced better hair reduction with the Syneron elos elaser hair removal system than many of the older traditional lasers. Individual results vary with so many factors, such as genetics, hormone status etc. but overall we have seen excellent results and efficacy from the Syneron elos elaser permanent hair removal system.

Results From The Syneron elos elaser treatments for laser hair removal in men and women:

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For individuals with Fitzpatrick skin type V, we may recommend a test spot before proceeding with a full treatment because of a slightly higher incidence of skin burn even with a cautious treatment. These individuals are also likely to require more than six treatment sessions due to the fact that we have to turn down the energy of the laser treatment to reduce the incidence of skin burns.

All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are performed by a licensed aesthetician, certified laser technician or a certified medical assistant. All laser and light treatments are MD supervised, which means that the doctor reviews patient history, response to treatments, any side effects from the treatment with the staff and intervenes if medical treatment is needed.

For additional questions or to make an appointment for your laser hair removal, please call 888-210-9693