Commonly Asked Questions & Answers for Syneron elos Laser Hair Removal


Dallas elos Laser Hair Removal – Q & A

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Laser Hair Removal In Dallas and Southlake For Many Skin Types


Laser hair removal is the best and easiest way to remove unwanted hair. For our Dallas and Southlake laser hair removal patients, all laser hair removal treatments are performed by Certified Laser Technician (CLT), licensed aestheticians or certified medical assistants under physician supervision.* Listed below are commonly asked questions and answers.

Syneron elos Laser Hair Removal FAQ


Q: How does hair removal with elōs work?

A: Hair follicles are precisely targeted and destroyed using the revolutionary elōs combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energies.

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Q: Is hair removal with elōs right for me?

A: Both men and women can achieve permanent hair reduction on almost all body areas. Only elōs is proven to remove lighter colored hair, on all skin tones. More

Q: When can I expect to see results?

A: Hair growth is reduced after each treatment. The number of treatments required will be based on your hair color and type, body area, and skin tone.

Q.Does it hurt?

A: Cooling of the skin surface as well as constant measurement of the skin’s resistance ensures safety and comfort during treatment. This is a no-downtime procedure. Many patients return to normal activities immediately after treatment.


Q: Will I have any down time after my laser hair removal treatment?

A: No. You may have mild redness and occasionally there may be mild sunburn like appearance after laser hair removal treatment. You can apply sunscreen and makeup right after the treatment and go back to work or your social gathering .

Q: What is a typical laser treatment session like?

A: We ask all our patients to shave the treatment area the night before their laser hair removal treatment for best results. We will protect your eyes with protective goggles during the laser treatment. We apply cool gel to the treatment area. After finishing the laser treatment, we clean the gel and have you apply sunscreen for the exposed areas.

Q: I just had waxing done last week, how long do I need to wait before a laser treatment?

A: We recommend you wait about 4-6 weeks after waxing or plucking before your laser hair removal treatment. You can shave hair before your laser hair removal session.

Q: I have ingrown hairs, will laser hair removal help my condition?

A: Yes. Laser hair removal is an excellent way to manage ingrown hair . Few sessions of Laser hair removal reduce the density of hair and the diameter of individual hair resulting in a significant reduction in incidence and severity of painful ingrown hairs.

Q: Why is more than one treatment session needed for laser hair removal

A: Hair growth has cycles; a resting cycle, and an active growth cycle. The hair removal laser can only destroy the hairs in active growth cycle. The laser hair removal treatment sessions are scheduled to coincide with your hair growth cycles for best results, every 4 to 6 weeks apart depending on the area of your body being treated.

Q: How many treatments with the laser method can I expect to have?

A: Most people can usually expect at least 6-8 treatment sessions and then continue maintenance treatments if needed for more stubborn hair.

Q: Can you guarantee permanent removal of hair after my laser hair removal treatments?

A: Unfortunately we cannot promise no regrowth of hair after ANY laser because there are so many variables that cause hair to regrow; individual genetics, hormonal variations, any medications, presence of any medical conditions etc.
Most individuals get 80-90% hair reduction with a series of treatments (between 6 to 10 treatments) and can maintain the results with touch up treatments every so often (one to two years) depending on individual response.

Q: Can laser hair removal be done in patients with African-American skin?

A: Yes. Darker skin is more likely to get burned with the laser and should only be treated by an experienced technician. About 30% of our laser hair removal patients have dark skin (Fitzpatrick skin type IV and V) and we typically lower the laser settings to prevent burning which means they may need extra sessions for adequate hair removal. For some high risk patients such as Fitzpatrick skin type V we may recommend a test spot before actually starting a full session to assess skin reaction. We do not treat Fitzpatrick skin type VI for laser hair removal in our Dallas and Southlake offices at this time. Your safety and comfort is paramount to us and we take that into consideration for all of your treatments, even if takes longer to get the desired results. At our Southlake and Dallas laser hair removal clinics, we treat Fitzpatrick skin types I through V . Depending on individual skin type and previous history of laser hair removal experience, we may recommend a test spot treatment for skin type V before proceeding with a full treatment session.

Q: Can patients with blonde or grey hair get laser hair removal?

A: No. Since the laser is picked up by the dark pigment in the hair , blonde or gray hair will not be affected with the laser and we do not recommend this treatment for gray or blonde hair.

*Physician supervision:
All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are done by Certified Laser Technician(CLT) licensed aestheticians and reviewed by Dr. Malik for quality, settings, results any side effects.

To schedule your laser hair removal treatment in Dallas or Southlake, please call our office 888-210-9693 for an appointment.