Is There A Difference Between PRP Hair Loss Treatments ?

PRP Hair Regeneration Treatments in Dallas and Southlake

PRP + ACell Hair Regeneration Treatments in Dallas and Southlake

We are frequently asked the following questions by our non-surgical PRP hair regeneration treatment patients:

  1. Why do our PRP hair regeneration treatments cost more than PRP treatments for thinning hair at some other clinics?
  2. How do we determine when to add ACell to the PRP for hair regeneration?
  3. Are the results from all PRP treatments the same?
  4. How to make PRP hair rregeneration more effective in the long run?

Our PRP + Acell treatment protocol for regeneration of hair from male and female pattern baldness is the result of extensive research and training by Dr. Malik for a safe and effective treatment for thinning hair. One of the biggest motivation to look for an effective treatment is that someone very close and dear to Dr. Malik experienced excessive hair loss at very young age. Dr. Malik continues her PRP hair and skin treatment research and training, both formal and informal to stay abreast in this very new cosmetic treatment.

One of the most important facts to know when considering regenerative cosmetic  PRP therapy is that unfortunately not all PRP treatments are the same. The outcome from your regenerative cosmetic PRP treatment for thinning hair or any of the number of skin conditions treated with PRP depend on many factors; one of them being  your selection of PRP hair loss treatment provider.

We have found that several factors affect the outcome of your PRP treatment for hair loss; patient selection, the type of PRP system, use of any additives in PRP, use of an extra cellular matrix like ACell, PRP injection technique and finally your individual response to the treatment, all determine your results following your PRP hair loss treatment. While we have no control over your genetics and cannot predict your response to the treatment, we thrive to optimize the rest of the variables for best possible outcome from your treatment by taking the following measures:

  1. Proper patient selection:  We use the PRP alone or PRP + ACell treatments for androgenic hair loss in men and women  and for alopecia areata. We only recommedn the PRP treatments for hair loss for thinning hair and not complete loss of hair. We go over your medical history to make sure that you are an appropriate candidate for PRP therapy. We review your medications and supplements and ask you to stop these (under supervision of your primary care physician) before your PRP therapy to optimize your platelet function.We emphasize the need to optimize other factors that are under your control for best results. These include optimum nutrition, oral supplements, better stress management etc for maximum regeneration of healthy new tissue. Without optimizing these factors, your results from any treatment ill be less than optimum and we have very frequently seen patients who have undergone PRP therapy without optimization of these variables for less than adequate results.
  2. The PRP system used for your treatment: We use the  Harvest PRP Smartprep system Southlake and Dallas to prepare your Platelet Rich Plasma. Harvest Smartprep is the #1 system used in major US hospitals for regenerative therapy and yeilds 4X-6X the platelets concentration of whole blood.
  3. Use of ACell extracellular matrix with the PRP:  ACell extracellular matrix acts as a scaffolding to prolong the duration of action of PRP in the injected area. We use ACell with PRP for hair regeneration in individuals with more advanced hair loss, hair loss presentation for more than 5 years and those who will benefit from fewer PRP treatments due to any medical reason to further ensure the success of your PRP hair loss treatment.

Click to view the mechanism of action of ACell in wound healing and tissue regeneration

The answers to your questions are:

  • Why do our PRP hair regeneration treatments cost more than PRP treatments at some other clinics?

We use the Harvest PRP Smartprep system which is more expensive than some of the other PRP systems. Some of the so called PRP clinics use a simple blood draw tube and centrifuge it in a lab centrifuge to obtain “PRP” but this product is actually not PRP. It is not FDA approved, not studied for platelet concentration and not meant to be injected into the body. A lot of PRP treatments at other PRP clinics are provided by non-physician staff. All of our PRP injections treatments for hair regeneration are done by Dr. Malik and all hair rrgeneration treatment include a microneedling scalp treatment with topical application of a small amount of your PRP to further enhance the follicle regeneration. The micrneedling treatment is done by our PRP trained medical assistant immediately following the PRP injections by Dr. Malik. After your PRP injections and microneedling we have you sit under LLLT to further enhance the effect of your PRP injection treatment for hair regeneration. Additionally we include 3 months of LLLT for hair regeneration(Value $700)  with each PRP hair regeneration treatment to maximize the results of your PRP hair regeneration treatment results. We have a number of patients who had treatment “failure” from their PRP hair regeneration treatment prior to having the treatment done at our clinic but responded to their PRP hair regeneration treatment done at our offices with generation of new hair.

  • How do we determine when to add ACell to the PRP for hair regeneration?

Not everyone needs the ACell addition to the PRP treatment for hair regeneration. Generally those with more extensive hair loss or hair loss lasting longer than 5 years do better with the addition of ACell to their PRP hair regeneration treatment. We can determine the most suitable treatment for your thinning hair at the time of your consultation

  • Are the results from all PRP treatments the same?

No. As previously discussed the results from your PRP treatments for hair loss vary from person to person with several factors. We do our best to optimize the variable factors for best possible outcome from your PRP treatment but we have no control over some of the factors such as genetics and your individual response to PRP.

  • How to make PRP hair rregeneration more effective in the long run?

We have seen that PRP alone or in combination with ACell can regenerate new hair follicles in more than 90% of the patients treated in our offices but there PRP with or without ACell does not treat the underlying cause of hair loss, which is male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. In other words PRP with or without ACell regenerates new hairs but PRP with or without ACell is not a treatment for hair loss. We recommend other measures to reduce ongoing hair loss with your PRP and PRP + ACell hair regeneration treatments. These meausres include use of hair products, shampoo, LLLT etc to reduce scalp sensitivity to DHT. In some female patients, we may prescribe oral medication to reduce DHT sensitivity. We recommend hormone testing for our female patients with early and aggressive hair loss to optimize the hormonal imbalance along with other treatments.

At our Dallas and Southlake PRP non-surgical PRP + ACell hair regeneration treatment centers we thrive for patient satisfaction and have a close follow up to measure results so we know that our PRP/ECM protocols are providing significant stimulation of hair regrowth and hair follicle rejuvenation.

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