Dallas PRP + ACell Hair Regeneration


Non-surgical Hair Regeneration with PRP + ACell

Dallas PRP & ACell Thinning hair Treatments For Men And Women

Dallas PRP + ACell Hair Regeneration

A very exciting new treatment for hereditary hair loss, androgenic hair loss or hormonal hair loss in men and women has shown great results in the vast majority of our patients since we started offering this treatment to our patients in August 2015. A regenerative type of hair loss treatment and the only non-surgical hair restoration treatment, PRP + ACell injection therapy effectively reduces ongoing hair loss and increases hair density and quality in those individuals with male and female pattern hair loss and early male and female pattern baldness.The entire treatment is performed in our Dallas and Southlake regenerative cosmetic medicine clinics for non-surgical hair restoration in about an hour with little discomfort and no downtime.

How Does PRP Work For Hair Regeneration?
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), is derived from your own blood in an FDA  approved PRP system to obtain “Platelet Rich Plasma” for plasma with a high concentration of platelets. We use the Harvest SmartPrep PRP systems for maximum concentration of platelets in your PRP for hair regeneration.  The platelets are the part of your blood that is responsible for healing injury anywhere in your body. Upon incurring an injury, this incredibly powerful healing system is activated with the release of several essential growth factors by your platelets. The growth factors, in turn, start a cascade of events which leads to production of healthy new tissue to heal whatever it is needed to start manufacturing healthy new tissue for repair of the injured area; in case of scalp, this leads to activation of dormant hair follicles, migration of your own multipotent stem cells for regeneration of new hair follicles and better health of existing hair follicles.  Your PRP has amazing healing properties and we know so because in the last decade PRP has been used extensively and very effectively to regenerate and repair aging and injured joints, tendons, muscles and large wounds. The result of the application of PRP to your scalp with injections and with the microneedling is intense stimulation of your own dormant hair follicles, migration of your own stem cells for conversion into new hair follicles and nourishment of your existing hair follicles resulting in thicker, healthier and stronger hair.

What Benefit Does Acell Have for PRP Hair Regeneration?


Healing Through Regenerative Medicine!

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ACell’s MatriStem® Products are medical devices that maintain and support a healing environment through constructive remodelling. MatriStem Products are a complex protein scaffold obtained from the tissue of pigs, which has a structure nearly identical to that of human tissue. In case of PRP hair regeneration treatments, ACell provides the protein matrix for enhanced healing environment with greater migration/activation of your own stem cells, and better healing response from your own platelet-derived growth factors. We like to recommend the PRP plus ACell hair regeneration treatment for individuals with:

  • Hair loss that is more advanced than mild and early thinning of hair.
  • Hair loss with visible areas of the scalp, not completely shiny and scarred scalp.
  • Hair loss lasting more than five years
  • Hair loss refractory to previous treatments

Available in particle and sheet form, MatriStem Products are appropriate for the topical management of wounds and various surgical procedures. The use of pig tissue is an established practice and a variety of pig tissues have been implanted in humans for medical purposes for more than 40 years. MatriStem Medical Devices are available only by prescription through a United States physician, hospital or clinic.
ACell MatriStem devices are sterile, porcine-derived, naturally-occurring lyophilized extracellular matrix sheets or particles that maintain and support a healing environment for wound management.
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VIDEO: How MatriStem Devices Help Patients Heal