Prestige Peel- Wrinkles, Scars, Pigmentation


                                                                                           Prestige- Medium Depth Chemical Peel



Medium Depth Skin Transformation System:

Pigmentation. Wrinkles. Scars

What to expect from your prestige Chemical peel Treatments in Dallas and Southlake?

Results of The Prestige medium depth Chemical Peel

Visao MD Prestige Peel is a medium depth professional medical peel done under Physician supervision to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, brown spots, and acne scars.

Visão MD’s Prestige Depth Peel offers a quick, comfortable and predictable comprehensive skin rejuvenation solution for most skin types. Prestige Peel is for those seeking more dramatic results that go far beyond what can be achieved with superficial peels.

This professional medical grade treatment stimulates cellular regeneration and collagen synthesis to minimize fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots caused by sun exposure and aging, and the appearance of acne and acne scarring. The result is more youthful skin with improved tone and texture combined with a minimal amount “down time”.

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The photo is provided by VisiaMD of an individual before and after a series of three Prestige peels, individual results vary

A series of 3 medium depth Prestige chemical peels is recommended for desired results in most individuals

The cost of a single VisaoMD Prestige medical peel in Dallas and Southlake for face is :$395

The Cost Of Three VisaoMD Prestige medical peels in Dallas and southlake for face Is: $1095

The Prestige medium depth chemical peel treatment is not for everyone. We do not recommend chemical peels if you have history of very sensitive skin or if you have history of allergy to any of the ingredients in this peel. Dr. Malik recommends pre-treatment with prescription skin lightening agents before and in between chemical peels for individuals with darker skin and those with history of PIP-Post inflammatory pigmentation.

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