Teen Acne

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Teen Acne Treatments in Dallas, Highland Park, Plano and Southlake TX

*Two Weeks to Clearer, healthier Skin

Almost 100% of teens experience acne, ranging from an occasional breakout to chronic persistent acne.

The emotional impact of acne is enormous and severe acne is associated with a high incidence of teen depression.

Acne occurs in both boys and girls, but tends to be worse in boys. Most teens “outgrow” acne by the age of 25. Family history puts you at a higher risk for developing acne.

What causes Acne?

Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin condition caused by blockage of hair follicles in the skin from excess oil and dead skin cells.

Bacterial overgrowth in the blocked hair follicle leads to irritated, red, painful, pus filled pimples. Anything that causes inflammation, worsens acne such as:

  • Hormonal changes, especially during menstruation
  • Stress
  • Oil-based skin products, makeup and hair products
  • Picking at pimples
  • Aggressive scrubbing of skin
  • Milk and dairy products may worsen acne
  • Excess intake of simple sugars and high glycemic carbohydrates has been associated with worsening of acne according to some studies

How do we treat your acne?

At our Southlake and Dallas acne treatment centers, we have helped numerous teens get clear skin.

After evaluating your skin and reviewing your medical and treatment history, we like to set clear treatment parameters, expectations and your role in achieving long term management.

We educate you and make sure you understand that acne is a chronic skin condition which can be managed but not eradicated. We can help reduce acne lesions, scarring, hyper-pigmentation, inflammation and redness, but you will likely experience episodes of worsening acne during periods of stress, excess sweating or with hormonal fluctuations

We combine our exclusive Anti-inflammatory skin care, lifestyle tips, oral supplements, prescription medications and office treatments to help you manage your acne symptoms and reduce complications.

We cannot manage your acne without your help. It takes time to control acne and not all treatments work the same in all patients. Very frequently, it takes 4-6 weeks to start seeing results and another few weeks for completely clear skin.

We like you to be complaint with treatment and have patience. We monitor your progress and make changes to your treatment plan according to your skin response.

For more information about teen acne treatment options in Dallas and Southlake and for an appointment, please call our office 888-210-9693. We can start your acne management with our teen acne treatment program right away.

*According to a clinical study, 92% of users reported clearer, healthier skin after using Naila MD anti-inflammatory skin care alone for two weeks

97% of acne patients were noted to have reduction in acne lesions, improvement in texture and pore size in two weeks.