Dallas LED Rosacea Treatment

Dallas LED Rosacea Treatment

Dallas LED and IPL Rosacea Treatment

Dallas LED- LLLT For Rosacea

Rosacea is a common, chronic, adult onset skin disorder, which affects the central one third of the face, nose, cheeks and occasionally eyes. Rosacea is associated with flare-ups and relatively calm periods with fewer symptoms. Stress, hot fluids, alcohol, spicy foods are some of the common triggers.
If left untreated has a natural progression to getting worse with age.
Rosacea can be associated with acne-like breakouts. Complications of untreated rosacea are permanent skin redness, tiny red pimples, fine red lines (telangiectasias), large dilated blood vessels which on the nose can lead to enlarged bulbous nose, known as rhinophyma.

How Does LLLT Work For Rosacea?

Red light therapy (in the range of 600 – 950nm) due to its deeper penetration and anti-inflammatory effect helps reduce the inflammation and shrink the dilated blood vessels in rosacea. Yellow light (in the range of 532 – 595nm) can reduce skin redness and reduce the dilated blood vessels, in patients with rosacea.
Yellow Light therapy seems to help minimize the redness associated with rosacea; The evidence seems to suggest the vessels get smaller after yellow light treatment.       Red LED treatment seems to help minimize the inflammation associated with rosacea and induces collagen synthesis for better tissue health within dermis and dermal blood vessels.

Simple rule is:

  • Yellow LED for mild redness
  • Red LED for more inflamed rosacea
  • Combination of red and yellow for inflammation and swelling

In reality, patients with rosacea do not fall into individual categories and tend to have a combination of symptoms,

How To Get The Best Results From Your LLLT Treatment For Rosacea Management?

A combination approach is best for adequate rosacea management. We combine lifestyle modification, appropriate skin care, anti-inflammatory supplements, oral medication (as indicated) and Intense Pulsed Light photofacial to shrink down blood vessels for best results for your rosacea management.

What Is The Cost Of LLLT For Rosacea?

The cost of a 20 minute session of red LED rosacea therapy with or without yellow light rosacea therapy for one area in Dallas and Southlake is:

  • Single session – $25
  • Eight Sessions- $175

The above cost is for one area for 20 minute session for red light with or without yellow light. For face treatment, the lamp can cover face and neck, for back acne our LED rosacea therapy lamp can cover the full back

Is LED LLLT Safe ?

Another big advantage of all LED therapy is  how safe they are for skin and hair disorders. They can be used in all skin types. We do not recommend LED therapy for pregnant women and those with history of any photosensitive disorder.

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