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Red and Blue Light LED Therapy For Acne Overview:

Blue and red light LED treatments better than blue light alone for management of moderate to severe acne

As the most common skin conditions in America, acne affects 50 million Americans and 94% of all women at some age in their life. Acne is a frustrating medical condition which needs to be addressed with a combination treatment approach. Commonly used treatments for mild to moderate acne are: OTC medicated skin care, prescription topical medications, oral antibiotics, hormone manipulation in women to reduce the effect of androgens, in office treatments such as extractions of acne lesions, medical microdermabrasion, chemical peels, lasers and led. LED blue light has been used for many years to reduce P.Acnes for acne management. In 2007 a study published in Dermatology times discussed the benefits of combination red and blue light LED therapy for acne over blue light alone.  We use combination red and blue light for your acne therapy in Dallas and Southlake

In the first study, researchers from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, treated 24 subjects with mild-to-severe symmetric facial acne vulgaris with eight sessions of treatments. The treatments, conducted twice per week, three days apart, alternated between 415 nm blue light (20 minutes/session, 48 J/cm2) and 633 nm red light (20 minutes/session, 96 J/cm2) from a light-emitting diode (LED)-based therapy system. (J Cosm Laser Ther. 2006; 8:71–75).

Patients included those with Fitzpatrick skin types II through V, and they received a mild microdermabrasion before each session. In assessments of acne at the four-week follow-up, the mean lesion count reduction was significant at 46 percent (p=0.001). At the 12-week follow-up, the mean lesion count reduction was also significant at 81 percent (p=0.001).”

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How does the LED blue light work?

Blue light therapy at levels of 409-419 nm kills the P.acne bacteria by activating the coproporphyrin III and protoporphyrin IX. There is clinical improvement in acne which is apparent in as little as one treatment in some patients. patients with acne, the researchers report.Blue light kills the acne-causing bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes, or P acnes, which can cause inflammation. P acnes is sensitive to blue light. Using the blue light, eliminates the bacteria found in the oil glands in the skin. The added presence of infrared light (heat) in the home device causes the oil glands to shrink in size. The result is less oil in the skin and less bacteria, leading to the resolution of acne in the treated areas.

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How does the LED Red light work?

Red light therapy at levels of 610-633 nm penetrates deeper into the skin than the blue light, it has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin which makes it suitable for inflammatory skin conditions. Red light stimulates collagen production, reduces skin redness and blood vessel dilatation. Red light is less effective at activating coproporphyrin III than blue light. However, it is a potent activator of protoporphyrin IX, also found in P. acnes bacteria, and effectively  kills P.acnes in the deeper dermis.

Why is The LED Combination Treatment With Blue Light And Red Light Effective?

Blue light effectively eliminates P.acne from upper layers of the dermis. Red light eliminates the bacteria from the deeper dermis and reduces inflammation associated with active red pimples. When administered alternatively for 4-6 weeks, twice a week, the skin starts to clear up, the pimples regress and redness and inflammation improves for clear, radiant complexion.

Which Acne Patients Are Best Candidates For The Red & Blue LED Acne Therapy?

Red and blue LED therapy is recommended individuals who suffer from inflammatory acne with painful red pimples. Clinical trails show improvement of moderate to even severe acne with a series of LED red and blue light treatments and reduction of acne scarring from early intervention. We recommend  continued maintenance  LED therapy after control of active acne lesions for lasting results. LED treatments are appropriate for most skin types even darker skin, Fitzpatrick photoype V.

What Are The Benefits Of In-office Red & Blue Light Acne Therapy Over At Home LED Therapy?

In-office medical treatments are delivered by a LED source which is far more powerful than at home devices. In our Dallas and Southlake offices, we have the red and blue LED therapy that is suitable for larger areas of the body such as back acne. Patients with severe inflammatory acne who undergo in-office treatment benefit from maintenance with the home product, to keep the bacteria from recurring and the acne from flaring up.

What Results Can You Expect With The Red & Blue LED Acne Therapy?

When used as part of a combination acne treatment plan, you can expect significant decrease in the number of active inflammatory acne lesions, both pimples and cysts, in as little as 2 weeks. We have seen a boost in the confidence of our young acne patients with improvement in their acne and clearer skin. A lot of our acne patients are teenagers who are deeply emotionally affected by the appearance of their skin, we have seen that attaining clearer skin helps improve their peer interactions and their social life.

How Is The Blue And Red Light LED Acne Therapy Administered?

The LED blue light and red light treatments are done one of the two lights at each visit for 20 minutes for each single therapy. On average the red light -blue light acne therapy sessions are scheduled twice a week for first four weeks, then once a week for 2-4 weeks then every 4 weeks for maintenance.Your red  light, blue light acne therapy schedule in Dallas and Southlake appears like this:

  • Week 1-4- Two treatments/week-Monday- blue light for 20 minutes, Wednesday – red light for 20 minutes
  • Week 5-8- One treatment/week-Every Monday alternate blue light and red light 20 minutes/week so One week blue light, next week red light
  • Week 9-12 – One treatment every other week, alternate blue and red light, 20 minutes of either blue or red light every other week
  • Week 13 and onward depending on your acne severity- One treatment/month alternate between blue and red light.

For your blue and red light LED acne therapy, we request that you come into our Dallas or Southlake office with a clean face, without makeup or any skin products. Your certified skincare professional will have you comfortably situated in a quite treatment room. She will configure the LED treatment settings and place the lamp over the area of treatment. You will stay under the LED lamp for 20 minutes, the lamps turns itself off after 20 minutes. You can apply your sunscreen and makeup right after your treatment and go back to school, office to resume your day.

What Is The Cost Of Red and Blue LED therapy For Acne In Dallas And Southlake?

The cost of a 20 minute session of red or blue LED acne therapy for one area in Dallas and Southlake is:

  • Single session – $25
  • Eight Sessions- $175

The above cost is for one area for 20 minute session for one type of light, red or blue. For face treatment, the lamp can cover face and neck, for back acne our red and blue LED acne therapy lamp can cover the full back.

For your LED blue and red light acne treatments in Dallas and Southlake, call 888-210-9693 for a complimentary consultation with one of our certified skincare professionals.