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Dallas LED Acne Therapy

Dallas LED Rosacea Therapy

 LED Therapy For Skin Disorders
LED or Light Emitting Diode therapy works by a process called “photomodulation” which means using light energy to activate metabolic pathways in skin cells for its therapeutic effect. In essence, the light energy penetrates the layers of skin at various depths depending on its wavelength and works on different cellular functions; destroying bacteria, reducing inflammation, removing free radicals, repairing enlarged blood vessel walls without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. LLLT or Low Level Light Therapy from LED is not only quite effective for various skin disorders, it is also very well tolerated due to the fact that it is completely painless and is suitable for all skin types including darker skin.

We use LLLT, Low Level Light Therapy from LED for management of mild to moderate inflammatory acne and for mild to moderate rosacea in our Dallas and Southlake cosmetic skincare and acne treatment clinics. For best outcome from your acne and rosacea treatments we combine LLLT with other treatments most suited to your skin type,  severity of acne or rosacea and your response to the treatments.

 Dallas LLLT For Acne

Of all its uses, the LLLT for acne is supported most in the medical literature. This is partly due to desperate need for safe and more effective acne treatments due to the increase in incidence of acne and of complications of acne treatment from bacterial resistance and serious side effects of isotretinoin. We use LED therapy for acne of face, chest and back in combination with other acne therapy modalities with excellent results in our Dallas and Southlake skincare clinics.

How Does LLLT Work For Acne?
Blue-light therapy was cleared by FDA for acne treatment in early 2000’s. Blue light (wavelength 405 – 420nm) penetrates the upper layers of skin and works by killing the acne-causing bacteria known as propionibacterium acnes, or P. acnes, which can cause inflammation in acne. In effect, blue-light therapy can help reduce acne by decreasing the amount of inflammation-causing bacteria.
Red Light (in the range of 620-660 nm)penetrates deeper into the skin and works by reducing inflammation and redness. Red light also induces collagen synthesis. Studies show that a combination of blue and red light works best for management of inflammatory acne.

Blue light therapy for acne medical article

Dallas LLLT For Rosacea

Rosacea is a common, chronic, adult onset skin disorder, which affects the central one third of the face, nose, cheeks and occasionally eyes. Rosacea is associated with flare-ups and relatively calm periods with fewer symptoms. Stress, hot fluids, alcohol, spicy foods are some of the common triggers.
If left untreated has a natural progression to getting worse with age.
Rosacea can be associated with acne-like breakouts. Complications of untreated rosacea are permanent skin redness, tiny red pimples, fine red lines (telangiectasias), large dilated blood vessels which on the nose can lead to enlarged bulbous nose, known as rhinophyma.

Rosacea can be effectively managed with a combination of lifestyle modification, adequate skincare, medications and combination light and laser therapy. It is best to start therapy early to prevent the complications of rosacea.

How Does LLLT Work For Rosacea?

Red light therapy (in the range of 600 – 950nm) due to its deeper penetration and anti-inflammatory effect helps reduce the inflammation and shrink the dilated blood vessels in rosacea. Yellow light (in the range of 532 – 595nm) can reduce skin redness by reducing the size of blood vessels in patients with rosacea.
Generally: Yellow Light therapy seems to help minimize the redness associated with rosacea; Red LED treatment seems to help minimize the inflammation associated with rosacea. We customize your LLLT for rosacea based on your symptoms. We have seen very promising results with a combination of LED, IPL treatments with lifestyle modification and the right skincare.

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