Skin Tightening & Deeper Wrinkles- Dermal Treatments

3D_Rejuvenation-NailaMalikMD.jpgYour 3-D Facial Rejuvenation Treatment Plan For Dermal Aging:

Dermal aging manifests as thinning of skin, loss of skin firmness and development of deeper wrinkles. All these signs are due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the dermis.The most common patient concerns from dermal aging are:

  • Sagging of skin leading to jowls, pre-jowls, nasolabial folds
  • Loss of facial contouring from sagging of middle face
  • Sagging of upper eyelids, drooping eyelids
  • Under-eye hollows from thinning skin

Treatment Options For Mild To Moderate Dermal Aging In Dallas and Southlake:

Mild to moderate dermal laxity, loss of firmness and thinning of skin can be improved with non-surgical skin tightening and skin thickening treatments that successfully stimulate collagen synthesis in the deeper dermis. For years, many non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as laser, light and radio-frequency treatments have been touted for non-surgical tightening of the dermis, but the results have been less impressive than advertised.

Radio-frequency was approved for non-surgical skin tightening by FDA in 2002 (Thermage) but the treatment was found to be limited in delivering results and patient satisfaction. The biggest problem is the inability to go through the epidermis for delivery of radio-frequency into the dermis. The treatment was associated with too much pain and the results were marginal.

For adequate collagen synthesis stimulation in dermis, the skin tightening treatment modality needs to be able to bypass the epidermis and be delivered into the dermis. Over the last couple of years, a newer method of radio-frequency delivery to the dermis has been gaining popularity all over the world, the micro-needle fractional radio-frequency treatment.

Radio frequency heats the dermal tissue leading to two distinct effects on collagen; immediate collagen contraction/tightening and stimulation of collagen synthesis for thicker and firmer skin over months following the treatment. Fractional radio-frequency uses miniscule columns of radiofrequency leaving intact tissue in between the heated dermis for less discomfort and quicker recovery without compromising the final results.

The Micro-needle fractional radio-frequency (MFR) essentially bypasses the epidermis and delivers Fractional radio frequency directly into the dermis where it is needed for collagen synthesis induction for dermal thickening and tightening. For our Dallas and Southlake non-surgical skin tightening treatments we use specialized microneedles that are gold plated, for minimum epidermal injury; and insulated, for minimum epidermal heating and delivery of the radiofrequency at the very tip of the microneedles for maximum dermal results.

In the 10 plus years of cosmetic dermatology practice, we have found collagen synthesis induction of deep dermis to be the most challenging task of all the cosmetic skin care. We have tried many different types of skin treatments and after reviewing the clinical data on most of the available cosmetic skin treatments promoted for “non-surgical skin tightening”, we have come to the following conclusions:

  • Treatments that promise “Great Results” with “No Pain” do not work as well as we like to believe
  • Even the best treatment will take several months for collagen remodeling and for final results
  • The results of even the best treatments vary from person to person, which makes it impossible to predict how much improvement each individual will have
  • We have consistently seen improvement in skin tightness/firmness and thickness with the MFR treatments in dozens of our patients across the board, (ages early 40’s to early 70’s) but the results do vary from person to person and cannot be predicted
  • We have seen a boost in the results from MFR treatments since the addition of Cosmetic PRP Therapy in Dallas and Southlake in January 2015.
  • Following a healthy lifestyle is essential for best results with your non-surgical skin tightening treatment
  • Any chronic stress, physical or psychological, will compromise the results of wound healing and your eventual cosmetic outcome

As stated earlier, the results of your minimally invasive cosmetic treatments can be noticeably enhanced with the addition of cosmetic PRP therapy to your treatments, which uses the incredible healing power of your own blood for maximum collagen induction and better results.

Treatment Options For Moderate To Severe Dermal Aging:

For those with moderate to severe sagging of face are better off opting for surgical facelift. Surgical facelift is ideal for severe facial sagging which will likely not have significant “lift” with non-surgical minimally invasive treatments and can be effectively combined with skin treatments aimed at improving texture, fine lines and pigment irregularity.

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**All anti-aging skin treatments NEED to be combined with a lifestyle to reduce aging from within. The anti-aging lifestyle includes; smart sun exposure, elimination of smoking and other environmental toxins, moderation of alcohol, low glycemic index diet (to reduce glycation), regular exercise, lowering your inflammation, oxidation and glycation for long lasting and real results from within.