Dallas PDO Thread Neck Lift & Tightening


Dallas PDO Thread Neck Lift & Tightening

What are PDO Threads?

PDO (polydioxanone) threads are synthetic absorbable threads that have been used in open heart surgery for decades. Polydioxanone induces a low-grade inflammatory reaction in our body which leads to healthy tissue regeneration to repair the sutured area.


Dallas PDO Thread Neck Lift, individual response varies

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How Does The PDO Thread Neck Lift & Tightening  Treatment Work?

The PDO Threads for Cosmetic face and body treatment are preloaded onto sterile hypodermic, single-use needles ready to be used.  The physician inserts the PDO Threads into the dermis of the area that needs lift and tightening. The threads immediately provide structural support for an instantaneous lift and tightening effect. This is followed by collagen induction over weeks following each treatment via a “selective inflammatory response”. The results continue to get better after each treatment to the collagen induction. We recommend starting with a series of a minimum of three treatments for adequate collagen induction and to achieve the desired results of neck lift.

Are the PDO Threads for Neck Lift Permanent?

The PDO Threads are absorbable which means that they completely dissolve in 3-4 months, leaving no foreign substance in your body. Because the sutures are completely absorbed, there is very little to no risk of permanent scarring from the PDO sutures.

Individual response to PDO Threads varies; there is a very small possibility of an exaggerated inflammatory response in some individuals, which may lead to the formation of transient small lumps in the treatment areas.

How Long Do The Results of PDO Thread Neck Lift Last?

PDO Thread Necklift works by inducing your body’s collagen. Because we do not stop aging, the new collagen gets broken down just like any other tissue with age. The results from new collagen synthesis may last 12-18 months depending on your genetics, hormonal status and lifestyle.

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