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Dallas Regenerative Cosmetic PRP Therapy for Radiant Skin, Thicker Hair and for Sexual Enhancement 

Dallas Metabolic Weight Loss 

Dallas BHRT and Hormone Pellet Therapy 

As a Dallas Skincare and wellness Doctor, Dr. Naila Malik knows that when people feel good about themselves they’re happier, exude self-confidence and enjoy a better quality of life. She strives to stay ahead of the curve in her field of cosmetic medicine and wellness by bring state of the art treatments to her patients; such as regenerative cosmetic PRP therapy for skin and hair regeneration, PRP sexual enhancement treatment for men and women, BHRT, bio-identical pellet hormone therapy and more, to help her patients look and feel their best; after more than two decades as a board-certified family physician with extensive training in cosmetic and anti-aging medicine she’s more passionate about it than ever.

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We do not bill medical insurance. There is a Physician visit fee of $100 for medical visit for acne, hyper-pigmentation and other medical skin conditions treated by the physician.

Our commitment……

Your appearance is an important part of who you are. When you look great, you feel great, which can change your life… often in ways you can’t imagine.

Naila Malik, MD, understands the benefits of looking great and feeling confident. Board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, an experienced physician who followed her passion for helping others, Dr. Malik decided years ago to focus exclusively on providing effective cosmetic skin care and lifestyle prescription for aging well, including healthy weight management. Taking a comprehensive, whole-health approach, she has helped improve the lives of thousands of happier, healthier and more confident individuals.

Driven by a commitment to medical excellence and optimal outcomes, Dr. Malik is dedicated to constantly bringing innovative and cutting edge cosmetic medical treatments backed by latest medical research to provide workable solutions and comprehensive programs for your health and aesthetic needs at her Dallas and Southlake cosmetic dermatology & welness clinics. Skin aging, hair loss, weight gain, adult acne, rosacea, hirsutism, no matter what your concerns, your treatment plan is designed around your unique needs and goals. She listens to you, answers your questions, caters to your comfort and gives you the individualized attention and service you deserve. And most importantly she will let you know what to realistically expect from your treatments. She is passionate about helping people change their lives, and brings a level of understanding, compassion and dedication that are as welcome as they are unique.

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Out Of The Box Solutions And Advanced Treatment Techniques:

We have patients from all over Texas and from out of state, out of country for various cosmetic treatments such as non-surgical “rhinoplasty”, cosmetic PRP therapy, PRP skin rejuvenation, PRP for melasma, PRP under-eye hollows treatment, PRP and ACell hair regeneration and PRP sexual enhancement of men and women. We are very grateful for their dedication to our practice. We have been told that the reason for their loyalty to our practice is our innovative “out of the box” approach to many common problems and our dedication to helping them achieve their cosmetic and wellness goals.

Dallas Advanced Dermal Filler Treatments :

We offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments for common cosmetic concerns with innovative and advanced dermal filler injection techniques. We use FDA approved dermal fillers; Juvederm Voluma XC , Juvederm Ultra Plus XC , Radiesse, Radiesse + and Belotero Balance for facial contouring and volume loss in face and hands. Some of these treatments require advanced training, experience and all of the cosmetic treatments need a keen eye for facial aesthetics. Some of the unique cosmetic dermal filler treatments  are:

Dallas Advanced Botox/Xeomin Treatments:

Dr. Malik provides several advanced Botox cosmetic and Xeomin cosmetic treatments,  Botox hyperhidrosis and Xeomin hyperhidrosis treatments in Dallas and Southlake

Dallas Regenerative Cosmetic PRP Therapy:

Cosmetic PRP therapy harnesses the healing power of your blood to induce collagen and healthy tissue regeneration which leads to improvement of deep wrinkles, scars, melasma for radiant, youthful, healthy skin.

Dallas Non-surgical Spot Fat Reduction And Body Contouring:

Dallas Wellness Clinic- BHRT and Metabolic Weight Loss:

Hormonal imbalance at any age can lead to fatigue, low stamina, foggy thinking, weight gain, sexual decline and other symptoms commonly accepted as “part of aging”; you do not have to accept these as normal age related changes. At our cosmetic and wellness clinics we evaluate your medical history, thoroughly review your symptoms, get comprehensive blood and saliva tests for hormone levels and metabolic function to evaluate your hormonal and metabolic balance. Based on your evaluation, we prescribe a comprehensive lifestyle program, appropriate supplements and  a physiological dose of bio-identical hormones to optimize your body function. BHRT (Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy) and Bio-identical Hormone Pellets can be life changing for many individuals.Our wellness programs include:                                                                                                                                                   

  • Dallas Metabolic weight loss: Lose fat, keep muscle
  • Dallas BHRT- Bio-identical Hormone Therapy and Hormone pellet therapy for men and women
  • Dallas Adrenal Fatigue Management
  • Hormone evaluation and optimization to manage PMS, acne and hair loss