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Laser Hair Removal in Dallas and Southlake TX

Dallas and Southlake Laser Hair Removal For Most Skin Types at Naila Malik MD

Get rid of unwanted, unsightly hair with results-focused laser hair reduction.

If you have unwanted or unsightly hair it can affect your appearance… and your confidence, self-esteem and even how others perceive you. It can also create additional work. But now you can make unwanted hair — and the embarrassment, waxing, plucking and shaving — a thing of the past with laser hair reduction. The newer laser and light based hair removal systems offer almost painless, faster treatments with lower side effect profile and better efficacy than the older

Reduce hair for a smooth appearance in many different areas.

By targeting the dark pigment in hair follicles, lasers and light based devices such as BBL/IPL are able to instantly and permanently destroy the follicles. Because other follicles can grow hair later, this process is called “hair reduction” rather than hair removal. When performed properly, it can provide smooth, attractive results on the face, neck, chest, breast, back, arms, underarms, legs and bikini area. Each treatment with the hair reduction laser or light based device destroys between 10-20% of hair follicles, mostly targeting hair follicles in active hair growth cycle which varies from person to person and within the same individual due to several factors; genetics, hormone levels, recent major illness, stress, recent child birth etc. Minimum of six sessions are recommended to achieve adequate hair reduction followed by periodic maintenance. Darker skin individuals may need a higher number of sessions due to lower energy treatments to protect the pigment in the skin surface. Even with the most skilled technician, darker skinned individuals are at a slightly higher risk for laser burns with laser hair reduction treatment.

Naila Malik MD Laser Hair Removal in Dallas and Southlake: *Physician Supervised for Your Safety & Best Results.

All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are done by Certified Laser Technician(CLT), licensed aestheticians and reviewed by Dr. Malik for quality, settings, results and any side effects. .Your skin type, hormonal status can affect the outcome of your laser haor removal treatment.  Also, systemic illnesses, skin infections, folliculitis and medications can affect treatment outcomes. So Dr. Malik’s well trained and experienced staff starts with your skin evaluation for presence of any active skin conditions that might affect your treatment, a review of your response to any previous skin treatments to ensure your safety and appropriateness for treatment.

Three Types of Laser Hair Removal Systems For Your Comfort and Results

We have three different types of laser and light based hair removal systems at our two locations. The two light based systems are new to our practice in February 2014. These innovative systems are designed for optimum safety, speed, comfort and results in most skin types and all areas. The Diode 810 is the older system with a smaller treatment tip for use on smaller areas such as earlobes, toes, knuckles, between the eyebrows etc. All systems are suitable for use on most skin types and colors. We can treat Fitzpatrick skin types I through V with our laser systems, we recommend test spot for Fitzpatrick skin V . We do not treat Fitzpatrick skin type VI.

Southlake office has the SHR hair removal system, similar to the SHR™ by Alma Lasers considered ” virtually painless and safest hair removal option”.**

Dallas office has two hair removal systems, The Diode 810 nm (Mediostar Diode laser) and the SHR-In Motion light based hair removal similar to the Alma Harmony XL SHR hair removal , known for high speed, painless treatments. The level of pain and discomfort from the new SHR system is far less than the older systems. Most of our patients experience little to no discomfort during their laser hair reduction treatment with the SHR system.

“A 2006 review article in the journal “Lasers in Medical Science” compared IPL and both alexandrite and diode lasers. The review found no statistical difference in effectiveness, but a higher incidence of side effects with diode laser based treatment. Hair reduction after 6 months was reported as 68.75% for alexandrite lasers, 71.71% for diode lasers, and 66.96% for IPL. Side effects were reported as 9.5% for alexandrite lasers, 28.9% for diode lasers, and 15.3% for IPL. All side effects were found to be temporary and even pigmentation changes returned to normal within 6 months.” Click to view the rest of the article.

We have used the Diode 810 laser for over 10 years and have found this laser to be very safe with a much lower incidence of side effects in our practice than indicted in the above study. Technician experience, proper patient selection and patient compliance with pre and post treatment instructions play a significant role in side effects. For additional patient safety, we recommend no use of topical anesthetic to further minimize incidence of skin burns, especially in darker skin types.

Your first appointment gives us an opportunity to determine your expectations, previous treatment experience and individual needs. Our competent and experienced aestheticians set realistic expectations and determine the optimum treatment settings and schedule for your goals, skin type and hair-growth cycle. In addition, Dr. Malik oversees every laser and IPL/BBL skin treatment at her Dallas and Southlake cosmetic skin treatment clinics and can treat skin conditions and other problems that can affect your results and appearance. These include skin infections, folliculitis, hyperpigmentation and scarring.

Uncommon experience, know-how & techniques.

While Dr. Malik and her experienced, highly trained laser aestheticians use state of the art equipment, their uncommon techniques are the key to ensuring your best results. This starts with knowing about different skin types and what signs to watch for to avoid laser burns.We also treat with multiple passes (to ensure maximum follicle removal) from different directions to ensure optimal outcomes. We schedule your laser hair removal treatments to coincide with the various hair-growth cycles on different areas of the body. All of our laser and light based hair removal systems have integrated cooling to further protect your epidermis and avoid burning or scarring.

For the know-how, experience, safety-consciousness, focus on results and smoother, more attractive skin you deserve, trust our team of professionals for laser hair removal in Dallas for all skin types including darker skin. Call us today 888-210-9693!

*Physician supervision:
All laser hair removal treatments in Dallas and Southlake are done by Certified Laser Technician(CLT) licensed aestheticians and reviewed by Dr. Malik for quality, settings, results any side effects.